Watch: Lady Gaga Pulls A Bieber, Pukes On Stage During A Concert


Remember last week when Justin Bieber was caught puking on stage mid-song DURING a concert in Arizona? Yeah, well, Lady Gaga just outdid the young popstar by puking on stage 4 times mid-song during a concert in Barcelona, Spain. Gaga was performing her song Edge of Glory when she felt the need to blow chunks on stage … not once, not twice but 4 times. I mean, the puke just poured out of her … so gross!!! The video clip above is under 30 seconds long but you deffo get a good view of Gaga gagging on her own vomit mid-song (over and over and over again). After the show, Lady Gaga talked about her puke-inducing performance on Twitter. Click below to read more about the incident and read what she had to say afterward.

Lady Gaga bested Justin Bieber by THREE upchucks when she vomited several times during her concert in Barcelona on Saturday. The Mother Monster was in the middle of her hit “Edge of Glory” when she turned her back to the crowd and lost her lunch four times…without missing a dance step. Impressive! Rumors are rampant that the singer, who recently admitted to packing on 25 lbs. to her usually slender frame, is pregnant and was actually experiencing a bout of morning sickness during her performance. No comment yet on a possible bun in the oven, but Gaga took the snafu in stride when she posted a video of the incident on her Twitter page today and wrote, “Was praying nobody saw but actually its quite a good laugh if u need one! Check out Lady PukeGA doing Swan ‘Vomit’ Lake.”

HMMM. Either this on-stage-vomit thing is becoming the new trend or maybe Gaga is with child (shudder) … I guess we’ll have to stay tuned on both fronts to see if anything comes from either scenario. Honestly, IMHO, I hope neither possibility is true. No more puking and no Gaga babies, please.


  • Joanna

    Or maybe she got sick off of the food at her family’s restaurant haha. Not to be mean or anything but I saw on the news today that Joanne’s received a “C” from the NY Department of Health.

    • @Joanna — She was in Barcelona. Maybe it was the song, Edge of Glory isn’t that good IMHO ;)

    • Joanna

      I know she wasn’t even here but I couldn’t resist making the connection between her family restaurant’s bad health grade and her puking. Good one on Edge of Glory though.

    • @Joanna — :)

    • Lacey

      You read my mind! Exactly what I was thinking

  • miguel

    OOOH…my friend and I used to call her Lady Gags, because my phone would autocorrect Gaga…but, ewww….props to her for continuing on with the performance, but…uffff….

  • Shannon

    Whaaaaaat is going on?!?! LMAO! The Edge Of Glory is, apparently, a really intense place to be. This is madness.

  • Sam

    haha Shannon! Talk about the show must go on! You gotta admire the woman for powering through that, and most importantly, the dancer for not getting a case of contact-gag. You know I would’ve totally been barfing if I witnessed that!

    • Shannon

      Sam, please! I got a case of contact gag. Couldn’t even watch the whole thing. If Trent hadn’t written this, I’d have thought she only puked twice, so at least I’m well-informed now. LMAO.

  • Lisbeth Slander

    As Ru said in a segment of Drag Race….”That performace was bordering on the Edge of Gory.”

  • Meghan

    Why is this suddenly a thing???

  • Daniel

    wasn’t she so against playback? it seems to me that this concert is full of playback

    • Krissy

      She has backing music, but she never lip syncs to pre-recorded music. Her mic is much louder than the recorded track.

    • Daniel

      but the song keeps playing I dont get it

  • rOXy

    Step, One, Two, Three, Puke….Step…

  • Krissy

    Back in high school I used to be a dancer and it never phased me to eat before an intense performance. Then one day I had a chicken-cheddar-bacon sandwich, fries, and a slice of chocolate pie before a show….and let’s say I never did that again! No fun!

    I think Gaga has puked during shows before (I think she managed to run off stage then, though). Hope she isn’t pushing herself too hard.

  • Xadax

    A-whore rip-off, just after Justin (another A-whore rip-off).

  • emily

    Honestly hearing about these incidents makes me respect the artists more for performing when they aren’t feeling well. If any of us want to vomit, we mostly stay home from work. For these two, the show must go on and I respect them for it.

  • Samantha

    I saw her in concert in Melbourne AU, and she is amazing. She sings and dances during the whole concert which in impressive, seeing as britney spears lip sincs and probably a fuckload more people.

  • Lady Caca

    Ha hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahhahahhhh! Lols…. :)

  • Wow

    OMG Gaga puking on stage It’s already been done already. (see Beiber) Can she ever do anything without it being a rip off of someone else Her whole career is a rip off I guess when it works run with it.

  • mecindylewis

    I saw her in concert in Melbourne AU, and she is amazing. She sings and dances during the whole concert which in impressive.