Shakira Shares The First Photo Of Her Baby Bump


Aghhhh! Shakira is sooo pregnant right now, lol! I cannot believe the woman whose abs were once carved by the gods themselves is now housing a little mini-me (or mini-her). Love it! Shakira just took to Facebook to share the first official pics of her baby bump (‘razzi’s have already been trying to snag pictures of the amazingness), and it is definitely official. Just last month the singer announced that she was expecting, but now we have the photographic evidence, lol. Click inside to see Shakira and her burgeoning baby bump in full effect!


Now I don’t have a six pack, only one pack!! / Ahora no tengo el 6 pack sino un solo pack!! Shak

Aghhh! She’s really, legitimately pregnant! Lol, grainy picture or no, this is awesome. And Shakira is so much fun, I can’t help but think she’s having a fun pregnancy, crazy though that experience may be ;) I just assume that she’ll be spending much of it working those hips and belly dancing her way straight to Labor & Delivery.

Congrats (again) to Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard! I think it was really sweet of them to share this moment with us.


  • Zaggora Girl

    Shakira looks fab! Do you know when she’s due? :)

    • Shannon

      Zaggora Girl, Shakira did not specify a due date when she made the announcement and I’m seeing some conflicting reports. Some say she was about 5 mts prego when she made the announcement and that she’s due in January. Others say she’s due in Spring 2013, which sounds a little more realistic to me.

    • Zaggora Girl

      Thanks for the info Shannon :) As long as Shakira is happy and healthy we’re happy for her too :)

  • Bethany Burke

    I love that photo so much! She looks so normal and non-celebrity, like her friend took her photo outside an Applebee’s or something on Friday night. LOVE IT.

    • Shannon

      Bethany Burke, you are so right! The photo has a bit of charm to it when you think of it like that. She’s adorable.

  • Lovey Villacrusis

    looks like she’s around 5 or 6 months pregnant. i think she’s gonna be able to judge the voice so i’m excited!