Mariah Carey Shares Some Cute Family Photos On Twitter


Mariah Carey is in a celebratory mood today since it’s her husband Nick Cannon’s 32nd birthday. We saw some awesome pictures of Mariah, Nick, and Dem Babies hitting up Santa Monica pier the other day, and today the singer has taken to Twitter to share a couple of pics of her happy hubby. I mean, I’m assuming he’s happy. He’s wearing a pointy birthday hat and Mariah Carey’s sitting on his lap so yeah. Things seem to have worked out nicely for the young actor. Click inside for more!

Well. From the looks of things Nick Cannon is a very lucky, if not overwhelmed, young man. Lol, Mariah’s awesome. But I think we already knew that.

Oh, and here’s one from a few days ago of Mommy and baby Monroe:

Mariah tweeted ‘Not sure if Ms Monroe wants to be a dentist!?‘ Crazy cute, right? I love these pictures! It’s always good to see Twitter being used for, you know, fun family stuff. Twitter beef is sooo last week (I hope).

Anyway, how cute are these pictures???


  • JEM

    One of my fav celeb couples