Lady Gaga Debuts Goldfingers At Her Fragrance Launch In London


It’s been a while since somebody redefined the term ‘bling,’ but I’m pretty sure that’s what happened when Lady Gaga showed up at the launch party for her Fame fragrance in London last night. Lady G rocked more gold than Birdman and 2Chainz put together (put together!) as she wore ginormous gold rings on each finger along with these super chunky, fantastically gaudy gold bracelets. Between the hair and the eye makeup, Mama Monster looked like she was channeling Lana Del Rey and/or shouting out the late, great Amy Winehouse. Either way I thought she looked like she was having a blast, which is really all that matters, lol. What do y’all think of Lady Gaga’s look? Aside from the jewelry, she was actually pretty-low key. But we know the fame monster doesn’t really do low-key, hence the goldfingers. I dunno, I’m kind of into it!

[Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News/Getty Images] [Source]


  • jenn

    Amy, Lana and Adele all mixed into one..

  • Jenna

    She looks absolutely gorgeous! I love her hair this colour. So nice to see her looking relatively ‘normal’, now we can appreciate her pretty face!

    • Jenna

      Oh and by the way, I just wanted to say: I love you Shannon! You always write exactly what I’m thinking and I love the thought-provoking topics that you discuss. I’ve been a PITNB fan for years and love Trent and his style of writing so I’m super relieved that he chose such a fantastic co-writer! :)

    • Shannon

      Jenna! Thank you so much for the lurve!!! I couldn’t do any of it without you guys joining in; y’all are so honest and intelligent and awesome. You make my job absolutely the best. Thank you!

      I’m also digging this hair color on Gaga. Although her beauty in these photos has been slightly tainted by Trent’s recent post, LMAO.

      Thanks again Jenna :)

  • Alys

    I wish she’d keep her hair this colour. She looks magnificent.