Here Are The Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Revenge’


Okay y’all. Here we gooo! I spent a solid three days (or more) glued to Netflix watching the entire amazingness that was Season 1 of Revenge. It was awesome, as fans of the show should already know. Since writing about the show (and a few others I lurve) last week, I was sooo excited to finally watch the new season’s first two episodes and now, we have a lot to discuss! Season Two? That Ish Cray. Join me inside for a recap, PITNB style, of last night’s episode, Resurrection. Oh, and spolier alert, spoiler alert, spoiler alerts like cray!

So, just to refresh everyone’s memories, last night’s episode brought hella drama. We got a little more info on Conrad Grayson’s schemes with Charlotte’s rehab doctor, as he succeeded in seizing her entire trust, thanks to a bullsh-t lab report… Charlotte’s clean y’all! She’s clean! ‘Emily’ and Daniel are back together again… at least in terms of coming together to combat the never-ending Grayson family drama, although we know ‘Emily’ has her own motives (and so does Daniel). Nolan’s got a new CFO (and/or future love interest???) in Padma. And Victoria Grayson comes back from the dead– or, as Conrad put it, even the Devil himself didn’t want her. Lots of other ish happened, as we watched ‘Amanda’ and Jack try to prepare for their forthcoming bundle of I-don’t-know-what and Declan is clearly about to get into some ish (really Declan? You’re really gonna believe the rich kid who asked you to hold onto his step-mother’s gabillion dollar charm bracelet for a few days, OMG). So yeah, like I said, hella stuff happened. Here are some of my fave moments:

Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ABC’s Revenge, Season Two, Episode Two: Resurrection

1. Conrad Grayson’s Dream Comes True And He Gets To Beat The Ish Out Of Victoria Without Fear Of Incrimination

OMG. The LOOK on Conrad’s face when Victoria told him to take his best shot at her face!!! LOL, that was insane! But what I really liked about this moment in the storyline is that we got to see that Victoria’s self-preservation instincts are so ridiculously complicated. Remember last season when she had Daniel beat to a pulp so he could be taken out of prison and placed on house arrest? At least we know she doesn’t discriminate, lol. The fact that she was willing to let Conrad do that to her face (I know, I know, it’s not real… whatever) shows that she won’t even let her own face get in the way of what she wants.

She is so effing outrageous and I’m sooo glad she got resurrected. The show just isn’t the same without her ridiculously scary lurking presence and that creepy Cruella De Vil-esque smile. Love that crazy bitch.

2. The Part When ‘Emily’ Called Daniel To Tell Him Something Was Popping Off With Charlotte’s Doctor And They Both Tried To Keep It All Professional ‘Cause They’re Broken Up But You Can Totally Tell They Wanted To Have The Ill Make-Up Sex Right There On The Phone While Ashley (With Her Beautiful Conniving Ass) Was Standing Right Outside Daniel’s Office

Something tells me it ain’t over between ‘Emily’ and Daniel. How crazy happy was he when she called, all lookin’ out for Charlotte? He is sooo obsessed with her, lol! And even though the relationship/engagement was all a part of ‘Emily’s revenge plot, we all know she was kinda fallin’ for him (and yeah, Jack too). I’m very curious as to how their story is gonna play out this season. And I’m sooo mad at Ashley! OMG. She defines opportunist. Love it.

3. ‘Emily’ Tells Charlotte That Her “Sister” ‘Amanda’ Is Pregnant

Oh, ‘Emily’! Did you really have to go this route??? Yes, yes you did. After ‘Emily’ takes Charlotte home from rehab, Charlotte tells her that she and Victoria plan to run away. Since ‘Emily’ can’t have that, she tells Charlotte the one thing that will make her stay: the sister she never got to know is having a baby AKA she’s about to be Auntie Charlotte except not at all because ‘Amanda’ is really ‘Emily’ and all that. It’s sooo effed up of ‘Emily’ to do that! And I love that! I love that ‘Emily’ is never an innocent, even though we are rooting for her in many ways. She really does have a one-track mind (sometimes) when it comes to seeking her revenge and she can be just as ruthless as, well, Victoria Grayson. Ouch! Yeah, I said it. I also love this moment because it points to one of the strongest themes of Revenge: family. Whether or not it should, the familial bond often seems to trump all, but it’s also the biggest liability for many of the characters on the show.

4. Jack: You Are NOT The Father. Wait Jack, Sorry Just Kidding. You ARE The Father.

Yo. ‘Emily’ is crazy. That’s it. There’s nothing else to say. She’s crazy! Okay. Like, did she seriously lie to ‘Amanda’ about how Jack is not the father when he actually is the father???  Does she just want ‘Amanda’ to go crazy with guilt and ‘confess’ to him some day? Or does she have other motives??? I’m so confused/excited/hurt/why does ‘Emily’ do these things?! She’s crazy. And this is another example of how the complications of familial bonds can wreak havoc on a person. This storyline is gonna be cray.

5. When Aiden (That Ninja Dude) Killed The Creepy White-Haired Dude AKA The White-Haired Hannibal Lecter

Don’t you love those moments on Revenge when you finally, finally feel safe again? That’s how I felt when creepy white-haired killer got killed. And yet… I know we’re far from safe, lol! Who is Aiden? Why does he keep saving ‘Emily’s life? Is it just me or is he kind of hot? And if so, can the Revenge cast stand to have yet another hot guy on board? Deep questions to ponder until next week y’all.

Okay, I can’t wait to hear what all of you thought of the episode, and/or the season so far! Jacinta Yanders, Joan, Lulu, nicole, Liz, Thomas (this recap was especially for you, lol!), Courtney, blaqfury, hapacalgirl, frenchgirl, Hannah, and Seth Leeper… where y’all at?!


  • JCZ

    It was one of the best episodes so far I reckon and it’s great that it’s neither a finale or premiere episode.

    I was very puzzled by her Amanda/Jack dilemma – does she really expect everything to be okay once her Revenge is done and the truth is revealed? The difference between her and Amanda is, Emily will confess, it’s just a matter of timing when she does. And that honesty that Emily has is the probably the thing that would destroy her relationships with those people around her.

    And Victoria’s eyes!!!! The director did a superb job of this. Those contacts (I assume) made her looks devil-like. It was great and I don’t think my jaw could’ve dropped any further than it did once we realised her plan. Her and Conrad her as equally and selfish as either other – it wouldn’t shock me to see them re-fall for each other.

    • Shannon

      JCZ, hmmm, I love this idea of Victoria & Conrad re-falling for each other! I’ve seen that glimmer in their eyes in a few episodes… bu they are sooo far gone now it’s tricky!

      The Amanda/Jack/Emily conundrum is SUCH a great storyline; so complicated, so full of surprises and disappointments. There’s gonna be a lot of hurt whenever the truth finally gets revealed.

  • Alyssa

    My fave line of the night? “Is Victoria’s heart still beating?” “Was it ever?”

    • Shannon

      Alyssa, LMAO! Everyone knows Victoria is heartless and, yet, her love affair with David Clarke is what got this whole thing going. So we know she has a heart SOMEWHERE, lol. So nuts. And I love Nolan’s one-liners. He’s awesome :)

  • Talia Alavi

    wait….did I miss something? How do we know that ‘Amanda’s” baby actually IS Jack’s? I thought ‘Emily’ said it’s not Jack’s and that’s why she fudged the results to say it is jack’s?

    • JCZ

      At the very end when Emily and Nolan were talking and he mentioned he will get his own place, that is when Emily said how she lied. For a pivotal moment it was very discreet and easy to miss, it was basically a one-liner so I’m sure you weren’t the only one.

    • Talia Alavi

      ohh! thank you! I remember Emily telling Nolan he needs to get his own place, but I didnt catch her saying anything about the baby :/ so it IS Jack’s baby?? damn. I was hoping it wasn’t. lol

    • Shannon

      Talia Alavi, I’m not gonna lie– I was disappointed too. It would have been so easy to hate on ‘Amanda’ if the baby had NOT been Jack’s. Now we feel for her because the baby is his and now she’s being lied to.

      JCZ, thanks for jumping in here. You’re right, you could have totally missed that line. Madness!

  • nicole

    i cant wait until Ashley gets hers. she’s seemed shady since episode 1.

    • Shannon

      nicole, OMG that girl! My problem is I go to her blog sometimes and she’s got such a cool website. Plus I love her look… BUT yes! On the show, she is the worst!

    • Thomas

      ‘m positive that Ashley has some bigger scheme at play and eventually it’ll be revealed what it is. I thought all last season that one of her family members might have been on the airplane that crashed.

    • Shannon

      Thomas, hmmm good theory! I think you might be right about that. Everyone’s got their own agenda on Revenge, lol.

    • nicole

      ooh Thomas, thats a good theory. i never thought of that. my first thought about her was, she was just someone who would do anything to become a “somebody”

  • Hannah

    I am all caught up too! I just don’t get Emilys motives when it comes to Jack. At this point I am not sure he will ever forgive her for all the lies and she is digging herself deeper.

    I feel really bad for Charlotte as she is getting played by Emily and I really want Charlotte to have someone honest to unload on. And yes, Declan is an idiot. From a mile away we know he is getting himself into trouble.

    • Shannon

      Hannah, ‘Emily’ is so tricky. When you really think about what she did with the paternity test, it was kind of a jealous ex-girlfriend move, but we know she must also have an ulterior motive. Still, she’s human and her judgment can be just as clouded as anyone else’s.

      Charlotte is def the more innocent character of them all. She’s had her moments, but ‘Emily’ is really working her over right now. Crazy.

    • Fifi4life I late to this party:(

      I think Emily lying to Amanda was another way she could manipulate her. By her thinking Emily knows that the baby isn’t really Jack’s (we know better), she can be manipulated even more for fear of being exposed.

      I do feel bad for fake Amanda sometimes. She always seems so ready to try to please Emily, even when she’s being really nasty to her.

    • Shannon

      Fifi4life, it’s never too late to talk about ‘Revenge,’ lol! And I love this point you’re making about fake Amanda– she’s often expressed loving ‘Emily’ and wanting to be like sisters, but every time she does this you kind of see that look in ‘Emily’s eyes and it’s clear she doesn’t see her in the same way. I also think you’re right about how she can manipulate ‘Amanda’ with the BS about Jack not being the father. That’s going to be another crazy storyline to watch unfold.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • RomeSF415

    OMG!! That ep was hella crayyyyyy!!! Okaaayyyyy!!! I get a little irked when Emily thinks she can handle everyhing on her own!! What if Aiden didn’t show up!? She would’ve been dead! And why do villains wait to kill? Stop talking and get on with it LOL Anyways, I’m glad Emily was saved! Can”t wait for the moment when she meets her mother. Will she recongnize her? All kinds of cray!!!! Victoria’s got hella balls to have her ex beat the crap out of her!!! She scares me!!! She deserves an EMMY!!! Let’s start the campaign!!!!

  • RomeSF415

    And I still wanna know where the fake Amanda went once she got in the car with the Japanese dude after the shooting on he beach in Season 1!!!!!!!

    • Shannon

      RomeSF415, mmmh hell yeah! I forgot all about that moment. Maybe Takeda was the one she had the 1-night stand with, LMAO! Now THAT would be the Oh Hell Nawl moment to end all Oh Hell Nawl moments.

      ‘Emily’ is so strong-willed but I feel like in every episode there’s a moment when we realize she cannot do this alone. It’s gonna be insane when (and if) she meets her mother. Whew! We have some good times to anticipate!

      LOL, I have to say your comments had me crackin up; all those exclamation points– that’s exactly how I feel!!!!

  • Samantha

    Yess!! Recap! I’ve loved…grr lurved Ashley Madekwe (Ashley) ever since she played Bambi on Secret Diary Of A Call Girl.

    • Shannon

      Samantha, I GOTTA see this movie, lol!

      LMAO @ ‘loved…grr lurved’ That’s right! You know where you are!

  • Thomas

    Oh Shannon. Loved this recap (thanks by the way!!) I know I’m gonna look forward to your top 5 “oh hell naw” moments every week!

    I loved last night’s episode. It was off the charts in terms of all the scheming and lying but I found it a bit easier to follow then the season premiere last week. I LOVED the preview for next week’s episode and now I’m dying with anticipation!

    Nolan cracks me up – he has some of the best one liners.

    Am I the only one who really doesn’t want Emily with Jack? I get that he’s her childhood love but they seemed more like best childhood friends than anything else.

    • Shannon

      Thomas, so glad you enjoyed the recap! You make a good point about ‘Emily’ and Jack. I was actually rooting for ‘Emily’ and Daniel during the first season, kind of hoping they could still find a way to be together. But when he started becoming so Grayson-like, it got awkward, lol. Plus Jack is so effing sweet!!! It’s going to be crazy interesting to see where they all end up.

    • Joan

      I think the appeal of Jack and his love for Amanda (the real one) is that’s the only pure thing ‘Emily” has of her childhood and past. It’s kind of sweet, mostly because of Jack. It’s also kind of twisted because that pure thing is getting corrupted by Emily’s revenge! CRAZY!!! (Those exclamation points are for you, Sharon.)

    • Shannon

      Joan, Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • miguel

    OMFG…I’m LOOOVING all this Revenge attention on PITNB. Revenge is EVERYTHING to me!!!

    My favorite quote ever from Nolan is when he says “Revenge-y” :D

    But yeah, last nights episode was Coco-NUTS!!! I loved everything about it though. I love how “Emily” can be such a bitch to “Amanda.”

    Am I the only one who wants to tie a boulder to “Amanda’s” legs and throw her in the damn ocean?…NOBODY…yeah, me either..ha…ha…….yeah.

    The super hot mystery guy at the end…omg…”Emily”…girl, she better POUNCE on that, I mean – it is the LEAST she can do to him for saving her life…you know, that’s just what I would do though…hehehe. :-}

    • Shannon

      miguel, LMAO I loved when Nolan said Reveng-y! He is adorable. I sooo wanted to get rid of ‘Amanda’ later in the first season, but then it got hard when you could see that she was really catching feelings for Jack. But their whole relationship is so messed up! Still, you kind of feel for her sometimes (or at least I do).

      LMAO @ ‘POUNCE on that’!!! I think you need to snatch him up, ‘Emily’s got enough on her plate, lol.

  • Patrick

    This season is just starting up on FIRE!! And I can’t believe Emily she is doing some crazy things to Amanda but also to her sister Charlotte!!

    And the new guy is super HOT!! Nothing like a gorgeous brunette to make my day!!

    Can. Not. WAIT. for the next episode!

    • Shannon

      Patrick, it’s easy to forget that Charlotte is her SISTER, right? The way she treats her is so messed up, but I also feel like she’s desperate to keep her close. Based on the preview the next episode is looking equally insane. I’m pumped!

  • Devonte

    I’m so happy Netflix has stepped their game up because I have gotten so many friends into Revenge all because it was so easily accessible. It’s so amazing, but as I told a friend, last night’s episode was a prime example as to what makes it great. The drama, the acting, the emotions. They can fit so many twists in one episode and yet not go too far into the storyline. I remember watching the first season and being afraid that they wouldn’t be able to carry it to another but I have no doubts now. SHIT IS HITTING THE FAN….but it’s not as bad as I’m sure it’s gonna be ONCE VICTORIA FINDS OUT ABOUT WHO EMILY REALLY IS! That day, will be the day, that when the shit hits the fan, it will cover all of the Hamptons….and that is all….

    Sidenote…did you watch Secret Circle? Trust me when I tell you, you’d LOVE that show too and I’m curious to hear your rant as to why they cancelled it

    • Joan

      Yes, my favorite thing about REVENGE is that’s there’s approximation….18 plot twists per episode. What’s not to love about that?! That alone is pure EVIL! lol

    • Shannon

      Devonte, I could not for the life of me figure out how they were going to transition into Season 2, but Mommy issues never get old so that addition to the storyline was perfect!

      I never saw Secret Circle but it’s on Netflix so I’m gonna try to check it out!

  • Lulu

    This episode was omg. I don’t even know!

    It’s making me like Daniel again too..

    Ashley needs to go away, although I do like the actress. :) Amanda I for once feel a teensy bit bad for…

    • Lulu

      And please keep doing these!! My hubby won’t watch the show and I have no one to dish with :)

    • Shannon

      Lulu, This was TOO fun. I’ll see you here next Monday!

  • Tarah

    Shannon, I love this! Please keep doing this!

    Revenge is amazing. They always have these little subtle moments and lines that I feel add to an already great show. Nolan’s one liners are a key example.

    I can’t believe that the White Haired man was shot. I’m assuming he’s dead since Emily said in the preview that Victoria is the only one who knows where her mother is. I was kinda interested in what kind of deal they had. I’m still curious why he didn’t tell Victoria or Conrad who Emily really is. Am I the only one who wonders what that wink in the season finale was all about??

    • Shannon

      Tarah, we are def going to keep doing these. But now you got me going crazy– who winked at who???

    • Tarah

      In the season finale towards the end the White Haired man was talking to Conrad in his office. Near the end of their conversation the White Haired man picked up the picture of Emily and Daniel with the hidden camera and winked directly into the camera as if he knew Emily was watching. This is after she kicked the crap out of him and let him go/live. I wonder why he didn’t just tell Conrad right then and there that Emily was really Amanda Clarke. It made me think that they had some sorta of deal! You definitely have to rewatch it, if you missed it!

    • Shannon

      Tarah, OOOOOOOhhhhhhh! YesI I completely remember that now. And based on what happened in this episode, it seemed like their ‘deal’ was to team up against the Graysons, because ‘Emily’ was getting ready to give him the footage of Conrad beating up Victoria and then framing him. But once he tried to kill her, I’m sure that complicated the deal, lol. Thanks for clarifying! Love this show!!!

  • Natalie

    eee Love this!
    Victoria looked so creep. Reminded me of Gollum for some reason?

    You missed out Nolan with no pants though hahah

    • Shannon

      Natalie! Gollum?!?! You are so wrong for that… and so right, lmao!

      Pants-less Nolan was def an ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ moment. He’s a mess.

  • blaqfury

    Yassss! Yasssssss! and more Yassssss! My goodness, do you know how hard it was to stay out of this thread until I watched t he episode. But FINALLY I got to it and it did not disappoint! Poor Charlotte, she’s just a poor innocent puppet in everybody’s game. Getting played by her mother, father & sister! And the only one who isn’t playing her for a fool, is the one she blames for playing her for a fool…lol! Poor Daniel.

    Victoria knows no bounds to her wicked ways… and I love it! “Emily” and I have such a love/hate relationship. She’s that hard headed family member that just doesn’t listen and gives you migraines all the time, but whenever she needs help you come-a-running and help her out in whatever way you can regardless if it makes sense…lol

    But I do have one burning question, how did Victoria get off the plane prior to take off, but Lydia stayed on. Why would Lydia go on without Victoria? And this is the second plane crew that Victoria & Conrad murdered! #jussayin

    Thanks for the recap. I will be looking forward to it every week. Thank you so much Shannon!

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, there you are! That’s a really good burning question. I wonder if it will be answered in a future episode– I love when they give a flashback to explain past weirdness.

      LMAO– ‘this is the second plane crew that Victoria & Conrad murdered!’ Conrad & Victoria are the worst, especially when you put it like that.

      So glad you enjoyed the recap blaqfury! See you next week :)

  • Franki

    I love this show(in an obsessive lifetime movie girlfriend voice). That is all! Thank you for the recap!

    • Shannon

      Franki, the ‘obsessive lifetime movie girlfriend voice’ will now be the official tone of all future ‘Revenge’ recaps, lol! Thank you!

  • Karen

    I’m getting more and more confused as the story goes on. So now Victoria is NOT working with the government but is in some sort of plot together with the white haired guy working against Conrad. Initially when she said she was working with the government i was totally convinced because of the raw emotion that she showed when she said she wanted to clear David Clarke’s name and you can also clearly tell that she is still in love with him after so many years and all those lies is eating her up. She is even ready to give up her Queen Bee status and all that she has built in the hamptons just to get out of this mess. So if the 2 of them are against Conrad, the white haired man even said that they were actually trying to place that plane crash crime on Conrad, not David Clarke, then why did the white haired man kill David Clarke? Is it really instructed by Conrad? I thought he doesn’t follow orders and with the fact that his target is Conrad, shouldn’t he be clearing David Clarke’s name instead of killing him? What frustrates me even more is that Emily didn’t even ask him the question “Why did you kill my father?”, but instead is still able to face him and make a deal/work with him. Shouldn’t her hatred level against this white haired man be higher than Conrad Grayson? Just imagine if her father is still alive and imprisoned, there might still be a chance of saving him other than just clearing his name.

    This white haired guy has been around since last season and until now he is dead, we still don’t know his name and identity. I know its interesting to keep the story going with twists and turns, but they seriously needs to start answering all this question marks. Otherwise as they add more twists and characters, it’s going to get more complicated with unsolved mysteries.

    • Shannon

      Karen, good questions. I think the white-haired guy has been out for self; I don’t think he ever ONLY worked for Victoria or ONLY worked for Conrad. We’ve seen him work for and against them both AND team up with ‘Emily’ AND try to kill her. He has his own agenda and knows that everyone else does too.

      I think ‘Emily’ is surrounded by people she hates, but her goal is to USE them (including the white-haired guy) to her advantage. As far as she knows, he was hired by the Graysons to kill her father to further silence him. That mystery has been ‘solved’ but the new, real mystery is related to her mother.

      You’re right, there’s A LOT going on and I think it helped that I watched the entire first season on Netflix in a series of ‘Revenge’ marathons, lol. And there’s still stuff I’ve forgotten. Hopefully we can all help keep each other on track!