The Australian Miniseries ‘The Slap’ Is Coming To NBC


It sounds like American TV-watchers have something pretty sweet to get excited about. NBC is adapting the critically-acclaimed Australian miniseries titled The Slap, and based on the description I think we can expect some seriously good drama. Also, I’m just now finding out that Oscar-nominee Sophie Okonedo (from Hotel Rwanda, Dirty Pretty Things, and Skin) is one of the stars on the original show, which leads me to believe that those guys know what they’re doing. Here’s hoping all that awesome translates over to the American version! Click inside to learn more.

First,  check out the trailer for The Slap. Initially, I thought the series sounded a bit like my absolute favorite movie from last year, Carnage. But Carnage was really a comedy (about two families discussing a fight between their sons), whereas The Slap is really quite dramatic, from the look of things:

The Hollywood Reporter has the report:

NBC is ready to get slapped. The network is near a deal to adapt Australian miniseries The Slap with Brothers & Sisters creatorJon Robin Baitz on board to pen the project, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The Australian series ran on ABC1 in 2011 and starred Melissa GeorgeJonathan LaPaglia and Sophie Okonedo and was based on the 2008 best-seller by Christos Tsiolkas, which explored what happened when a man slaps a child unrelated to him at a family gathering. Each installment of the eight-episode series told the story from different points of view.

The series earned a BAFTA nomination for best international program and won five Australian Academy of Cinema and Television awards, including best miniseries.

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I’m really, really excited to learn more about this project. I know we have a lot of readers from the UK and a few Aussies. Are any of y’all watching The Slap? Should we start getting excited?


  • Kara

    I’m only really onboard if they let Sophie Okonedo be in it again… that lady is the Patron Saint of Awesome.

    • Shannon

      Kara, I know! I’m secretly hoping they’ll figure out a way to get her in the American version, lol :)

  • anon

    You mean “Skin” the movie not “Skins” the TV show :)

    • Shannon

      anon, yes! Thank you.

  • Serenity

    I managed to misread the show’s title as “The Clap” and almost laughed out my coffee. Yes, sometimes it’s fun to have a junior high mentality.

    • Shannon

      Serenity, LMAO. Noooo! Who would watch that show???!!! Other than you… and me, lol.

  • It Started in LA | Gwen

    I’m nervous about a US version of it. Melissa George (also on US TV currently guest starring in The Good Wife) gave a stunning portrayal of the lead character, Rosie. Will be interesting to see what they do with it here and I think there’ll need to be some Americanism brought into it as it’s quite a raw story and quintessentially Australian.