Taylor Swift Hits The Red Carpet For The BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards


Just the other day Taylor Swift was au Paris looking all kinds of amazing in some dresses that were totally gush-worthy. Now she’s in London at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards and her red carpet look is a little low-key, but still really pretty. Taylor wore a white dress and pulled her hair back, showing off some vintage-style earrings which went beautifully with the gorgeous rock on her finger. Taylor also took a moment to take a few pics with some of her biggest fans. Peep the gallery for more! Personally, I think I like Parisian Taylor better, but what do you think of her London look?

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Wenn

  • NSJ

    This is why I dig Taylor. Take a look, or “peep” as you would say, Shannon. . .the thousand dollar pair of shoes she’s wearing. Zoom in on her feet. Can you see what she did to the shoes with a pencil?

    I originally had respect for her not because of her music but because she gives away millions every year and never asks for recognition. Let’s face it- most celebs who get on the charity wagon spend more publicizing their “good deed” than they did actually doing it. But Ms. Swift is there with a substantial check for every natural disaster, schools that need books or musical equipment, and the one I think makes her about the coolest person ever- if she hears about a child with cancer and the family is not insured, she pays a year of their rent/mortgage and puts $100,000 in a medical trust for the child.

    So yeah, I buy homegirl’s records ’cause I can’t NOT advocate for what she does with the money. Cancer victims, gay rights, civil rights, literacy, music education, disaster relief? Yeah, if anyone deserved to make 57 mil last year, I’m glad it was her.