Jade Novah’s Cover Of Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ Is Insanely Awesome


Well. This is awkward. So, I just listened to newcomer Jade Novah’s cover of Rihanna’s Diamonds. Then I went back to listen to Rihanna’s original. Then I listened to Jade’s again. And it was awkward. A lot of us gave Rihanna’s latest single a ‘meh,’ which is, in my opinion, like the worst thing you could say about any work of art, lol! But trust me; there will be nomeh’-ing Jade Novah’s cover! The girl’s got pipes and Diamonds just sounds so damn good on her! While I haven’t listened to a ton of her stuff, I know she’s been singing for a while now. Check out her video above and tell me what you think! Then check out the original track here (if you feel the need to do a side-by-side comparison, lol), and download Jade’s free mixtape Shades Of Jade here. Right now I’m listening to her cover of BeyoncĂ©‘s Countdown. Yeah. Awkward.


  • pop

    I’m falling in love with this version!

    • Shannon

      pop, I’m right there with you!

  • Lulu

    Soooo much better. My only qualm is when she says “shine bright like a diamond” it sounds rather… squeaky, and grates on me nerves. But the rest I lurve! :)

    • Nik

      Jade’s cover of a lot of artists songs are wonderful and after listening to them you will orefer her version over the originals…. Sorry but Jade is the truth!!!!!!!!

  • andrea

    Wow, really love her voice. Downloading her free mixtape!!!

  • Linnea

    Oh my god! so much better.. Rihanna, you just got owned! Listen and learn!

  • nicole

    hell of a lot better.
    but when i was listening & not watching the video…for some reason when she sings “shine bright like a diamond” in the beginning…for a minute i thought i was listening to a disney princess ahha

  • Donny

    She has a fantastic voice but something is missing. It lacks soul until the very end. I like this version a lot and it’s beautifully sung but I think I prefer Rihanna’s. That’s probably why she’s the star.

  • Rhi

    Definitely prefer this song over Rihanna’s. Although, I am laughing hell of alot when you see her sprinting in a wedding dress wearing welly boots. Love her cover.