Jade Novah’s Cover Of Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ Is Insanely Awesome

That Awkward Moment When The Cover SLAYS The Original
Jade's Diamond's Shine Bright

Well. This is awkward. So, I just listened to newcomer Jade Novah‘s cover of Rihanna‘s Diamonds. Then I went back to listen to Rihanna‘s original. Then I listened to Jade‘s again. And it was awkward. A lot of us gave Rihanna‘s latest single a ‘meh,’ which is, in my opinion, like the worst thing you could say about any work of art, lol! But trust me; there will be nomeh‘-ing Jade Novah‘s cover! The girl’s got pipes and Diamonds just sounds so damn good on her! While I haven’t listened to a ton of her stuff, I know she’s been singing for a while now. Check out her video above and tell me what you think! Then check out the original track here (if you feel the need to do a side-by-side comparison, lol), and download Jade‘s free mixtape Shades Of Jade here. Right now I’m listening to her cover of Beyoncé‘s Countdown. Yeah. Awkward.


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  1. pop

    I’m falling in love with this version!

  2. Lulu

    Soooo much better. My only qualm is when she says “shine bright like a diamond” it sounds rather… squeaky, and grates on me nerves. But the rest I lurve! :)

    • Nik

      Jade’s cover of a lot of artists songs are wonderful and after listening to them you will orefer her version over the originals…. Sorry but Jade is the truth!!!!!!!!

  3. andrea

    Wow, really love her voice. Downloading her free mixtape!!!

  4. Linnea

    Oh my god! so much better.. Rihanna, you just got owned! Listen and learn!

  5. hell of a lot better.
    but when i was listening & not watching the video…for some reason when she sings “shine bright like a diamond” in the beginning…for a minute i thought i was listening to a disney princess ahha

  6. Donny

    She has a fantastic voice but something is missing. It lacks soul until the very end. I like this version a lot and it’s beautifully sung but I think I prefer Rihanna’s. That’s probably why she’s the star.

  7. Rhi

    Definitely prefer this song over Rihanna’s. Although, I am laughing hell of alot when you see her sprinting in a wedding dress wearing welly boots. Love her cover.

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