‘The Price Is Right’ Selects Its First Male Model


For the first time in the show’s 40 year history, The Price Is Right has selected a male model to appear on the show. Those of you familiar with the long-running game show should know that The Price Is Right has employed a long list of beautiful female models to showcase the various big name prizes that contestants can win on the show. In honor of the show’s 40th anniversary, the decision was made to finally add a male model to the show. A contest was announced, an army of shirtless hunks applied and the job went to one lucky (and very hot) man. Click below to meet Rob Wilson (trust me, you wanna see the model photos that are shared below), the first male model on The Price Is Right.

Rob Wilson, come on down! Wilson, a 24-year-old actor, beat out hundreds of other hopefuls to become the first male model in the 40-year history of The Price Is Right. “It’s been really exciting,” Wilson told PEOPLE on Friday. “I’ve been getting calls all morning.” The 6′-tall, brown-haired Boston-area native attended an open call in Los Angeles before being selected in an online reality series. He will appear on the CBS show starting Oct. 15 for one week – maybe longer, if all works out. “As long as the people love it and people want to see more of me on the show [I would stay],” he said. “But as an actor this is just a great opportunity.” In the selection reality show, he not only showcased blenders and washing machines as other Price Is Right models do, but faced such challenges as writing their own lyrics to The Price Is Right theme song. “I used my East Coast hip-hop background to freestyle for 30 seconds and they liked it. It kind of felt a little weird – a little goofy – but it got the job done,” he said. Wilson was working in financial sales before landing a small role in Bride Wars. He moved to L.A. three years ago and has been featured in music videos, print ads and ABC Family’s Secret Life of An American Teenager.

Now, as a public service to the people of the world, I feel it is my duty to share with you some of Rob’s modeling photos … you know, just to give you a sense of how talented the man is as a male model. My homie Stacy at Buzzfeed did the arduous job of collecting a nice batch of Rob’s modeling photos, some of which I share with all y’all below. Clutch your pearls, y’all, the following photos are HOT HOT HOT:

Lord. Have. Mercy. I’m sure there were a lot of hot dudes in the running for this job but, yeah, I can see how Rob ended up rising to the occasion and ended up winning the gig. To be honest, I haven’t watched The Price Is Right in years (tho, I have very fond memories of watching the gameshow on those happy days when I got to stay home from school for being sick) but now that Rob will appear on the show as one of the models, I might have to tune in again :D

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