Rihanna Shares Her ‘Nude’ Fragrance Ad


If you can, try to put aside the recent madness concerning Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together/participating in a love triangle with Chris’s ex-girlfriend Karreuche. Rihanna just shared a brand spankin’ new ad for the fragrance Nude, and we’re going to try to appreciate the image for aesthetic purposes only, giving no consideration to the reality of the pop star’s situation, nor attempting to analyze the true meaning of her smiling face, half-hidden, half-revealed by wavy blonde locks. What? Okay, just check out the picture. I’m working through my own personal RiRi issues still… clearly.

Pretty, right? Rihanna shared the ad on Twitter, advising everyone accordingly: ‘Make sure you smell sexy, especially naked, this fall.‘ Okay, thanks Rihanna. Will do.

We saw some pics from the original Nude photo campaign a while back and Rihanna looked a lot more raunchy and well, nude. This one has a softer look, which I like. What do you guys think of the new ad? You likey?


  • JEM

    I like it.
    Her other scent is nice.

  • miguel

    Can she invest in a new bottle design?…

  • Megan