Christina Hendricks Is Hot In At Least Three Different Ways


Yes, this week’s hot person is a woman. Let’s all get over that quickly because I have some ish to say about Christina Hendricks. Okay. So this week I was all set to name one of the Revenge stars as this week’s hot person (no, I hadn’t decided between Jack Porter or Daniel Grayson yet), but then I got my life changed by a little interview clip featuring Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks and some fashion editor who’s somewhere feeling really embarrassed and hopefully catching up on some Judith Butler or Patricia Clough-esque feminist theory. We’ve had some interesting discussions on PITNB about celebrities and body image and media; somehow with a few short words Christina Hendricks sums up pretty much everything you need to know about those things. That is hot. Check out the video above; basically Christina refuses to answer a question about being a full-figured woman, and upon getting shut down, the interviewer then goes on to ask her the exact same question, using the exact same phrase and gets shut down again by the hotness that is Christina Hendricks. Then join me inside for further celebration of this week’s Hot-Person-Who-I-Didn’t-Know-I-Was-Into-Until-Recently!

So yeah. How amazing was that video? She didn’t flip out, she didn’t go on a rant about women and media and body image! She just turned to her publicist who politely informed Sydney’s Sun-Herald fashion editor Kate Waterhouse that questions that referenced the actor’s weight were unacceptable. Which they are! Love it.

Okay, now don’t laugh at me or judge me or refuse to read any more of writing based on this, but…. I’ve never watched a full episode of Mad Men. Now in my defense, just last week I admitted that I haven’t ever been a huuuge TV person and I’m only recently getting together a handful of shows and actually watching them. I’m staying away from shows that are well beyond their second or third season (like Mad Men) because I’d have to spend a few weeks just getting caught up. However! I did head over to YouTube to check out a few clips (since I like to be slightly informed about my hot persons of the week) and had a really good time watching clips of Joan in action. I know it’s hella old, but here’s one of my faves (and one of the other ways in which Christina Hendricks is hot):

But the absolute best part of that clip is the amazing, outrageous, borderline sexist description written by the guy who uploaded the video. Here’s what jamdog666 had to say about Christina:

Where does one start with Christina Hendricks? From the moment you see her you’re thinking of ways to impregnate her. Her body is a walking diorama of feminine beauty, a pieorama if you will. Imagine if Marilyn Monroe really had curves. Imagine if Jayne Mansfield really had a rack. Imagine if Katharine Hepburn’s hair was really red. Imagine if Jennifer Lopez really had ass. Imagine if the young Julie Christie really was pretty. Imagine if Mae West really had ‘tude. Imagine if these qualities came together in one piece of pie. A glorious treacly, sticks-to-your-fingers, treacle-coloured piece of treacle tart warmed in the oven and served with melting ice cream. Well that pie exists. And its name is Christina Hendricks. She walks among us like a colossus, cracking flags and breaking hearts with every step.

LMAO. Done. There’s nothing else to say.

So, to recap. Christina Hendricks is hot because 1.) She doesn’t answer to ‘full-figured woman’, 2.) She just told Peggy to ‘go home, take a paper bag and cut some eye holes out of it, put it over your head, get undressed and look at yourself in the mirror; really evaluate where your strengths and weaknesses are’ (the message was frightening, the delivery was hot), and 3.) She inspires ranting and raving about the feminine body and mystique of epic proportions on YouTube.

Then there’s this whole movement:



  • rOXy

    OMG, I have had such a girl crush on this woman for years! She is a real life voluptuous china doll. Loved her in Firefly!

    • rOXy

      hahaha…just saw the Australian interview and laughed my head off. That interviewer was obvs quite impressed with herself for being thin and wanted to gig Christina about her weight. Her she is, in the shadow of Goddess and she got squashed like a bug. LOVE IT.

    • Shannon

      rOXy, LMAO @ ‘ in the shadow of a Goddess’!!! You’re so right.

    • Joan

      Though I agree with Christina’s response and reaction to the reporter’s “full-figured” comment, I don’t think the reporter meant it to be insulting and I certainly wouldn’t blame it on the reporter being thin. The reporter is just as oblivious (as many other reporters are) to the way media tends to treat women in the business. For some reason, the conversation always takes a turn to looks. I would suspect Christina is fed up with these kind of topics. (And I would suspect she was specially irked by it because the comment was coming from another woman).

      To me, the problem is in the term itself and the need for people to define a woman’s body shape. Am I half-figured because I am slim? Um, no. It just gets bothersome. Why don’t reporters ask Tom Cruise how does it feel to be an inspiration for short people or something? lol

    • Shannon

      Joan, I love this: ‘Why don’t reporters ask Tom Cruise how does it feel to be an inspiration for short people or something?’ LMAO! I think that’s the point. When we really think about it, there’s something absurd about this line of questioning, and I just really love that Christina showed us this, in a small but significant way.

    • Joan

      Indeed! Have you seen the “Men Who Rock” satire? Google it. It’s hilarious.

    • Shannon

      Joan OMG, I am cracking up! Mainly because they used my fave phrase ever in the first paragraph: ‘whole ‘nother level.’ I love it.

    • rOXy

      Hi Joan…I watched again, and I don’t agree with you. I think the thin interviewer’s intention was not pure in her line of questioning. She probably didn’t recognize the loft of Christina’s star, so it may have come from the obliviousness you pointed out. I’m glad she got shut down, at any rate. Your attitude is much kinder and gentler than mine, and is the classier way to view things. If everyone were like you, the world be a better place. :)

    • Syslak

      I think she looked super skinny in Firefly. My husband couldn’t believe that it was the same actress. Regardless, she is a great actress and looks amazing in both shows. Is it wrong of me to even say anything about how she looks?

    • Shannon

      Syslak, good question! I’m sure (and I hope) CH wouldn’t mind us heaping on the praise about how amazing she looks. As we can see in the photos, she’s not afraid of a little attention to her body. But the way that reporter was focusing on it was a little off, to say the least.

  • Danielle

    But by “industry standards”, she IS full-figured. Seems like she’s trying to alienate herself from the fan base that related to that.

    • Shannon

      Danielle, I kind of took it like, okay we know she’s full-figured by industry standards. But what’s the point on focusing on that in an interview and asking her to share an ‘inspiring’ story about that? In a way stuff like that can work to further perpetuate the idea that she is full-figured and therefore different or ‘other’ or whatever.

  • jen

    a full figure- yeah, a figure full o’ sexy…. wish i had all that!

  • Janet

    I feel like as a world where many larger younger girls are insecure about their bodies, it is quite normal for the interviewer to ask that question to perhaps inspire younger females of our generation to be proud of her body. I don’t find anything offensive about the comment and don’t understand why everyone is causing a sh*tstorm over it.

    Here’s an article by the interviewer in response to Christina’s reaction. I think she raises valid points and I just don’t see how why Christina would find it rude at all.

    • Janet

    • Shannon

      Janet, thanks for the link. I haven’t read it yet and I don’t think the interviewer meant any harm. People ask questions like that all the time. But to me the question is, why do we ask women who aren’t a size 0-6 to be an inspirational tale? That, in and of itself, implies that there’s something different or OFF or challenging about not being tiny. Christina Hendricks is an actress who doesn’t want to talk about her weight, plain and simple. There are other actresses who wouldn’t mind that question but I respect the fact that she held her ground.

      I’m looking forward tor reading the article, so thanks again for posting it!

  • Janet