Watch: The Rihanna/Chris Brown/Karreuche Love Triangle Has Been Officially Confirmed


Two words: I. CANNOT. A few more words for clarification: Chris Brown posted this video on his Twitter account. It’s a short film titled The Real Chris Brown. It’s about fun stuff, like how he loves two women and how he wants to keep it real about that and Oh! here are some images of him making out with Rihanna and then having dinner with Karreuche. Yeah. In response, his ex-girlfriend (Chris lit’rally confirmed their breakup over Rihanna yesterday) Karreuche tweetedWtf is going on?“, “All I’m saying is.. You don’t mess with people’s genuine feelings. You just don’t!”, and finally “Life moves on.. So let’s all.” Two hours before the video went live, Rihanna tweetedAin’t nobody bidness….. But mine and my baby!” In case you were curious. Please don’t be mad at me for bringing this video and that Hulk Hogan sex tape into your lives. In fact, let’s not even align the two. The sex tape had it’s funny moments. This? I. CANNOT.



  • DC

    He’s just a douche plain and simple .. yuck

  • Anne-Laure

    This makes me much sadder than it should.

  • Jade

    That’s what we call having your a cake and eat it too! lol If I was Karreuche, I would just ignore it and live my life. Seriously who would want to involve themselves into all of that drama? I know I wouldn’t.

  • fab4runner


  • Juneh

    Lemme take some popcorn and enjoy cause sh*t just got real :D

  • Lauri

    Those scenes with him at the end of the white hallway looking all thoughtful…I just imagine him setting up the camera and doing 4 or more takes to get that ‘deep stressin’ look juuuuust right.

    • Shannon

      Lauri, you have no idea how HARD it’s been on him, having to date two women he loved AND film, then edit the perfect video about it. You have no idea!

  • Meghan

    It’s TMI celebrity edition today……

  • Krissy

    This is just too lame. Why are you advertising your personal life to this extent? How could either of these ladies love someone who is such an idiot?

  • Tina

    Who actually has time to make and edit a video about how he is “dating” two women at the same time?
    This whole time nobody wanted to say anything officially, now they’re making videos and posting them on the internet?
    You’re kidding me right?

  • Miss Delish

    Damage limitation on his part to elicit sympathy for his tawdry little love triangle. These kids are just too young and dumb for words. Chris Brown and Rihanna actually think they’re in love and I don”t doubt they were once but this mess is lust, drama, obsession and need for closure. Counting down the days ’til it’s all over.

  • fmx

    Kind of what I meant earlier by this being on his terms. What a self-centered loser I can’t even finish watching the video. I think he’s just after the attention for being such a turd for so long he gets off these two poor women gloating for his affection.

    • fmx

      I mean, c’mon if it “ain’t nobody’s business” for Ri why does she put up with this guy and his public announcements?

    • Shannon

      fmx, that was so annoying for me too. It ISN’T our business… until you start making public proclamations of love/love triangles. Ridic.

  • Lulu

    that was so bizarre. Why?! just why..

  • Lynne

    Wow. Just. Wow.

  • JCZ

    It is very clear this is all for publicity. Sure they’re still in love. But all those rumours about clubbing together, hotel catch ups late at night were all, no doubt, a ploy for both teams. Then the two remixes came, which Rihanna had the “Don’t give a fuck attitude” response almost proved how it was all about the marketing and promo. They just let the rumours spread and grow without directly addressing them.

    Then she goes all emotional on Oprah and well, cool it may be honest and all, but yet another promotional tactic. Now this – it’s just ridiculous. If they want, especially Chris, for us to believe this is OK and to feel for them, well for me it isn’t working.

    I’ve been a big defender of Rihanna, I feel you have been too Shannon – but enough is enough for me. She is simply stupid, that is the best and most simple way I can describe her. She is a puppet controlled by the strings of her record label. At least when Britney went off the rails, she did no in rebellion of her label etc… all Rihanna did was go all X-Rated and Thug-Life attitude yet really, she was still a puppet that cannot think for herself.

    I look back now at when she was a victim, I say was, cause she clearly thinks it’s okay to go back to him, and her interview after it happened – I defended its timing of her album release as way of getting her message out to as many people as possible. But really, just her being a puppet.

    If this video is the real Chris Brown, then he really only displayed what everyone thinks of him – a complete douchebag. He has turned into trailer trash – he had some sensibility when he first came into the music scene. Now he is talentless auto-tune crap who treats women like crap and these stupider girls fall to their knees over it.

    I’m not a hater, I’m literally speaking the truth. Chris is a loser. Rihanna is stupid. The only thing I will defend now of Rihanna, is what she wears, lol – I cannot defend anything else. Not her puppeteering ways of album after album, not her “personal” life that is deliberately made public, not her actions or stupid answers to important shit like this in interviews. I’ve always said that musicians aren’t role models and if I were one, I ensure people would know it. But even still, without intentionally being one, people look at a situation like this and THINK people can change. People CAN – but does Chris deserve a second chance (although he has been given one by radio, by award shows, by TV airing his music) … NO! He didn’t accept responsibility, he didn’t receive the correct punishment AND he has grown to become more arrogant, ignorant and disrespectful to women and everyone in general.

    THIS is when you use the term, SMH.
    /rant over

    • Shannon

      JCZ, first off, thanks for finding the words for this when so many of us were at a loss, lol. It’s getting harder for me to look at Rihanna and say ‘Whatever, it’s her life.’ Because that is no longer completely true. There are tons of celebrities or famous people who we don’t know ish about, tons of celeb couples who don’t say ish about their relationships and we just have to guess, gossip, or leave it alone. Clearly, Rihanna and Chris want us talking (which made me kind of not want to share the video at first), and so they’re getting what they want on some level.

      I do worry about what their relationship will say to young people, even though I know they are not responsible for the lives of their fans. Still, you can’t help but wonder about the many young girls looking to Rihanna for inspiration. Yikes.

  • Anna

    While I do find it worrying to think what kind of message Rihanna’s behaviour might send to her young (and maybe even not-so-young) female fans, what I find even more troubling is the amount of very young female fans Chris still seems to have. I’m sure they follow his personal life, and admire and idolize him, as teenage girls tend to do. By looking at him, they learn that it is okay, or even cool, to treat women like s**t, openly date two at a time, and expect them to be okay with that. I’m all for giving someone a second chance, especially one as young as Chris, but his behaviour proves time and time again that he has learned NOTHING, and is not sorry for his actions.