Watch: Jennifer Lopez Gets Back To Acting In ‘Parker’


It’s been a very long time since Jennifer Lopez reigned supreme in movie theaters. Once upon a time, you couldn’t go a few months without seeing J. Lo featured in a romantic comedy of EVERY sort at your local cineplex. From Maid in Manhattan to The Wedding Planner, Out of Sight to Monster-In-Law … to thrillers like Enough and the biopic Selena, Jennifer was a movie house darling. It’s been a while since J. Lo has been seen as a movie star (and no, her appearance in What to Expect When You’re Expecting earlier this year did nothing to remind folks she is an actress) so it is will great pleasure that I share with you the trailer for the action film Parker which stars, you guessed it, Jennifer Lopez (oh, and Jason Statham, too). I’m a sucker for these kinds of popcorn movies and as you can see in the trailer above, J. Lo’s role isn’t all that challenging. Still, Jenny has managed to reboot her music career successfully and it looks like she wants to do the same for her acting career. As a fan, I hope she’s successful. I’d see this movie in theaters, would you?

  • Josh

    “Back to Acting..”?? Jennifer Lopez HAS BEEN acting for the last…20 years!! Lol!

  • Alex

    I love this! I’m so gonna watch it… and not because of J.Lo… her character on this movie seems to be quite dull and irrelevant, IMO…

  • nicole

    i love me some Jason Statham…and i have a soft spot for Jlo (IMO shes at her best outside of rom-coms.).. and i find these two to be an oddly good/cute pairing.
    i’ll be checking this movie out.

  • miguel

    It’s so rad to have so much J.Lo again like back when she had her “Rebirth” album. It’s like going back in time…but not. :P