Watch: Daniel Day-Lewis Shines In The New ‘Lincoln’ New Trailer


Recently we got to see the first trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Abraham Lincoln biopic starring Daniel Day Lewis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Tommy Lee Jones. I thought that the first trailer for Lincoln was amazing, but I love that this new version focuses on Lincoln (played by Lewis) as president, leader, and husband. As PITNBR Sam mentioned, this guy could probably play an apple and we’d be all over it. He is so convincing, it’s a little scary, lol. Check out the video above (which aired during the 2012 Presidential Debate) and tell me if you’re ready for a historical biopic of epic proportions! I’m kind of assuming that’s what Lincoln will be.

Lincoln hits theatres November 16.


  • fab4runner

    SO excited for this! Love DDL.

  • Meghan

    This looks amazing. Love Daniel and so glad he decided to make Lincoln’s voice historically accurate. I love a good Spielburg film!

  • muchacha

    This preview gave me shivers, looks fantastic!!

  • Sam

    Aww, Shannon, thanks for the shout out! I feel so luuuurved ;)

    This movie looks like another winner for Daniel Day-Lewis!

    • Shannon

      Lol, Sam! The luuuuuuurve is real! Speaking of lurve, I lurve your new pic! Too cute.