Movie Review: ‘Looper’


Last night I got to hang out with Tam and Rob for the first time since David and I saw them get married last weekend and I’m happy to relay that we had a blast. Tam, Ollie, Rob and I met up for dinner at a new place in Los Feliz called Messhall (which was delish, btw) and then we all met up with Caleb at the ArcLight in Hollywood to see Looper together. I’m not a big Bruce Willis fan but my lurve for Joseph Gordon-Levitt far outweighs my dislike of almost anyone so I was game for the movie. I am also very happy to report that I really, really liked the movie very much.

OK, I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it but I’m afraid I’m going to have to spoil just a little bit. In the future, the world will still have vinyl records, skinny ties and locomotive trains. That’s right, the future world in Looper (the year 2040) really looks a lot like the present day world but with more skyscrapers and hover motorcycles. But, to be honest, the future world isn’t really the central focus of the story. I think Looper works best if people see it cold, that is … not knowing too much about the storyline. They do a good job of explaining what is going on early in the film so it’s not all that confusing from the start … but the story does get complicated and a bit hard to figure out. Things that you think are happening may not really turn out the way you expect them to. It’s a very interesting story and I think the pay off is well worth the confusion. I was really impressed with JGL’s acting performance. You may recall we learned previously that JGL had to be made up to look like Bruce Willis because in the film, he plays a younger version of Willis’s character. But it’s not just the make-up that does the trick, JGL manages to reproduce Bruce’s mannerisms and facial expressions very well … it’s really creepy because he truly looks and acts like a young Bruce Willis. JGL, naturally, was the highlight for me … but Emily Blunt, who I didn’t know was in the film before seeing it last night, was superb as well. Looper deffo delivers in terms of providing an entertaining movie. I’m glad I saw it, you might too.

Today, I’m heading up North to San Francisco for a Madonna weekend with Emma. David has to stay home and man his empire but Emma and I plan to have more than enough fun for all of us. This is our first sleep-over trip together so, I’m excited. I’ll be sure to share all the fun with all y’all as much as possible. I hope YOU have an amazing Friday and an amazing weekend. Time is flying by, folks, we’re already well into October. Enjoy it!

  • Megan

    Saw it and LOVED it, it’s so good to see clever blockbusters being made (thanks to Inception IMO). I LOVED Emily Blunt in it, she’s an example of an English actress who can do an American accent. Emma Watson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower is NOT!

  • Lisa

    Lot’s going on in the Bay Area this weekend. Major sports games and Fleet Week and concerts so driving around my be kind of crazy.

  • Tina

    I didn’t enjoy the movie or plot twist. I’m also going to be wary of little boys for awhile.

  • Sam

    I loved loved loved the movie. Definitely want to see it again soon!