Linda Hogan Bollea Busted For DUI


Earlier today we heard about the just-leaked (and absolutely soul-crushing in every way possible) Hulk Hogan sex tape (seriously, ugh). Right now we learn that Hulk’s ex-wife is grabbing a bit of the spotlight today for herself because it has come to light that she was arrested on suspicion of DUI in the wee hours yesterday morning. Apparently, Linda Hogan (Bollea) was making her way home from a function here in LA when she was pulled over by police. Nothing says one-upping the leak of your ex-husband’s grody sex tape like getting busted for drunk driving. OY!

Linda Hogan was arrested yesterday in Malibu on suspicion of DUI … TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Linda — real name Linda Bollea — was arrested at 1:34 AM Thursday morning and taken to a nearby police station where she was booked and put behind bars. She was released several hours later on $5,000 bail. She was also booked for driving on a suspended license. On her booking sheet, 53-year-old Linda’s listed as 5’7″ and 160 lbs. A rep for Linda tells TMZ, Linda was on her way home from a function in L.A. where she drank a glass of champagne on an empty stomach. We’re told she has also been on antibiotics and the drugs exacerbated the effects of the alcohol. The rep says Linda was initially pulled over for speeding. It’s unclear if Linda was the only person in the car at the time of her arrest.

Gross. Just gross. It’s one thing to star in a really unflattering sex tape but being arrested for drunk driving is just the worst. Thankfully, no one was injured and no accident took place. It really says a lot that Linda was busted while driving on a suspended license, clearly she’s not a paragon of driving safety. It’s very dangerous for anyone to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated (even if it’s only a matter of “a glass of champagne on an empty stomach” mixed with antibiotics) so I hope Linda has learned her lesson. Blah. Just so much vileness coming from the Hogans these days, the only thing that would many any of this worse would be if Brooke Hogan decided to release a new album. Yikes!


  • Tee

    Busted. Just like her makeup and hair.

  • Meghan

    “the just-leaked (and absolutely soul-crushing in every way possible) Hulk Hogan sex tape”–LOLOL! Spot on, Trent! I cannot unsee that!

  • Shannon

    ‘Soul-crushing’ sounds about right, lmao. Cannot believe THAT happened… and then this happened. You can’t make this ish up!

  • Megan

    What happened to them? Geez