Cameron Diaz Covers ‘Esquire’ Magazine UK And Gets A Controversial Photo Spread

Photography By-- Who Else?-- Terry Richardson

Cameron Diaz is seriously flaunting her stuff in the November issue of British Esquire. The 40 year-old actress is showing hella skin in a photo shoot with the infamous Terry Richardson. On the one hand, Cameron looks amazing; totally fit and totally gorgeous. But some of her pics are getting a negative response. As we all know, there can be thin line between sexy and hyper-sexualized (or exploitative); we saw a similar issue with that Lana Del Rey GQ shoot a while back. What do y’all think of Cameron‘s photo shoot? Is it super hot… or a bit much?


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    She’s forty and has a great body like that, if she wants to flaunt it, she should! I don’t understand why people have to think it’s ‘controversial’ she’s and adult and can take care of herself.
    Not a super huge fan of hers, but I think she looks great!

  2. Terry is so played out. every photo shoot he does is exactly the same – over the top trashy.
    some of the pics are good…but the ones with her spread eagle? nahhh.
    i cant figure out why people still hire Terry.

  3. These are harmless and actually look like outtakes from a Madonna photo shoot from the early 90′s! I’m guessing that’s what they were going for, especially the black leather ones, all she needs are some corn rows!

  4. JCZ

    Look strikingly similar to the Rihanna photoshoot she did when she was blonde.

    But Cameron looks great nonetheless and the similarities have nothing to do with her looking nothing like Rihanna, but simply the poor talent of this photographer.

  5. vintage
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    im loving the pictures. she looks great in them. she so does not look 40 at all! only thing tho, not really liking how her boobs look. too fake.

  6. The pictures in the leather look very similar to photos that came out awhile ago that she had done before she hit it big.

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