Watch: Solange Debuts A Video For ‘Losing You’


So. I definitely have a new jam! A couple of days ago Solange Knowles released a new video for Losing You and I can safely say that I’ve never heard a song like this. Losing You is, obviously, reminiscent of lots of music; it’s 80s, it’s pop, it’s R&B and still… it sounds so new and refreshing and awesome! I’m seriously in my happy place and I fully agree with Brad Stern at MuuMuseLosing You is the definition of ‘repeat-friendly.’ The video (directed by Melina Matsoukas) was shot in South Africa, where Solange is joined by a troupe of men/performers/fashion icons/etiquette specialists known as the Sapeurs. Beyonc√© is obviously awesome, but Solange is really my kinda girl.

PITNBR¬†Seth Leeper, you were right! I do love this song, and it is ‘like an acoustic 80s in a tin can’ :)


  • Seth Leeper

    I crazy love this song still! (Granted, it’s only been a few days its release.) But I can’t stop listening to it! So glad you like it. It’ll be interesting to see if this impacts radio and the charts.

    • Shannon

      Seth Leeper, I really would love to see this song get some serious play. It’s so, so good :)

  • Xadax

    Now this is the artistic sister. I’m totally addicted to this song.

    • @Xadax — OMG, ME TOO! I can’t believe how great this song is … I hope we get an entire album of stuff like this from Solange :D

    • Shannon

      Xadax, I remember reading years ago (before Solange was really coming out with music, I think) that Bey said she would never release a single without asking for her sister’s opinion first. She knew Solange had a certain something (musically) that she didn’t have, at least not in the same way. So I think Solange has been instrumental in Bey’s success and hopefully she’ll get her own following too.

  • Ella

    I love that Solange is finding her musical voice. As an ex-preschool teacher I listened to her children’s album. Her version of Wheels On the Bus is awesome and doesn’t make you want to kill yourself like most music for toddlers do.
    I love the song and love the video. Reminds me of liming back home in Trinidad. Her style is also amazing! I hope someone gives her props for being a fashion icon. Plus she is such a role-model for black women who have chosen to rock their natural hair! Love me some Solange.

  • Ben@pr

    The Sapeurs have GQ potential. I liked the video the song not much.

  • Shannon

    Here is the source for the original image we obtained:

    I noted the source in the description of the photo, which was less visible since the photo was only used as an overlay for the video.
    I’ve updated the post with a new image and deleted your photo. I hope this takes care of everything.

    Brilliant work, by the way!