The Nominees For The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Class Of 2013 Have Been Announced


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH has announced the group of nominees up for possible induction into the 2013 Class of the Hall of Fame. This year, a few musicians who have been previously nominated are in the running again — including Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and Heart. This year, tho, new nominees like Rush, Donna Summer, N.W.A. and others are also in the mix for possible Rock Hall induction. Click below to learn which musicians have been announced as nominees for the Class of 2013 and see if YOUR fave rockers/singers are in the running.

Rush fans, your long-standing tradition of writing angry letters to music magazines may finally be coming to an end. The Canadian prog icons are among the 15 nominees for the 2013 class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They join Donna Summer, Public Enemy, Procol Harum, N.W.A, Randy Newman, the Meters, Kraftwerk, Albert King, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, the Marvelettes, Heart, Chic, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and Deep Purple on the ballot. The names have been sent out to the mysterious cabal who votes for this thing, and the new class will be inducted at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre on April 18, 2013. For the first time ever, there will also be a fan ballot, which will allow those aforementioned Rush fans to shout about conspiracy theories in case their boys don’t make it in. All told, that’s a pretty unusual collection of names, as there doesn’t seem to be any one artist who stands out as a slam dunk. Sure, plenty of those names made some great music, but there’s not an obvious legend among them around whom the ceremony can be built. For example, last year’s ballot included Guns N’ Roses and Beastie Boys, two canonical acts who were pretty clear inclusions. This year’s batch will be an interesting referendum on how the voters feel about two groups who are deeply under-represented within the walls of the Hall of Fame: rappers and women. Public Enemy and N.W.A are both on the nominees list in their first year of eligibility, and both Heart and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts are showing up for the second time. (To be eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 25 years must have elapsed since an act’s first release.) Considering how seminal each of those groups are, it will be hard to make an argument against their inclusion, especially considering the relative weakness of the rest of the field. Rush has been a cause celebre for years, as they have been eligible for over a decade but have never appeared on the ballot until now. This is also the first nomination for Deep Purple, the Marvelettes, Albert King, and Procol Harum.

Honestly, I’m not really wowed by this year’s list of nominees. Of course I think Donna Summer should be inducted (and her recent death may sway the vote in her favor) but I can’t say I’m crazy about the rest of the list. I would love to see both Public Enemy and N.W.A. get inducted but my guess is that only one of the two acts will make it in. I love Heart and Joan Jett, again, I’d love to see them both get in but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Boy’s Club keeps them both out … again. My guess is that Rush will get in this year … now that fans can vote, they have to get in. Are any of y’all impressed with this group of nominees? Does induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame mean anything to anyone at all?