Rihanna And Chris Brown Are Probably, Most Likely Back Together [UPDATE]


Over the last few days there’s been hella buzz about Rihanna and Chris Brown… as in, more than the usual amount of buzz. And I was willing to ignore the first handful of rumors, but now the evidence is kind of overwhelming. We saw Chris and Rihanna smooch at the MTV Video Music Awards last month, but that could have been a friendly smooch. Earlier in the summer Rihanna admitted to still being in love with him, but maintained that they were only working on their “friendship.” Now multiple sources (and multiple PICTURES) are confirming that the two have been everywhere together, sometimes openly, as if they’re not even trying to hide it. And maybe they shouldn’t have to hide their relationship… right? Or wrong? Click inside to see the pictures and learn more.

TMZ has the story:

Rihanna and Chris Brown aren’t even trying to hide it anymore — ’cause it looks like they were getting cozy at the Jay-Z concert tonight … and, based on Twitter, everyone in Brooklyn saw it.

A pic taken from behind RiRi and Chris at Barclays Center is burning up the Internet — they’re seated in VIP … he’s on the left, she’s on the right.

No physical contact — in the photo, anyway — but Chris’ right arm is stretched around the back of Rihanna’s chair.

This reunion comes the night after Chris and Rihanna were spotted at the same table in an NYC nightclub.

So here are the pics that are blowing up on Twitter. In the the first one you can see Rihanna and Chris sitting beside each other at Jay-Z’s concert with Beyoncé, Santigold, and Rita Ora in front of them. The second pic is a close up.

And TMZ also posted this pic of the two of them at a NYC club the night before.

Rihanna and Chris were also spotted coming out of the same hotel, the Gansevoort, at different times. Here’s what E! is reporting about their night out:

Here’s what went down during the one-time couple’s late night rendezvous.

Brown, joined by pal Bow Wow, arrived at the club first and settled into his own table, E! News confirms. Rihanna arrived later, and sat at a separate table from her ex.

“She knew he was there,” a source tells us.

At one point during the night, Brown climbed over his table to join Rihanna at hers. She then proceeded to take off his shirt before they began dancing and making out, according to an eyewitness at the club.

Following their PDA dance session, Brown left the club just before 4 a.m., with Rihanna hitting the road about five minutes later…

While Brown’s model girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, was noticeably absent, other celebs that were also at the club last night, not with Brown and Rihanna, included Dave Chappelle,Tyson Beckford and Chris Rock.

Eyewitness Yair Devia claims he saw the duo leaving the Gansevoort Hotel together today at around 5:50 p.m. The alleged couple tricked the awaiting paparazzi by putting cones and caution tape in front of the hotel as they snuck out of the side door.

Brown, dressed in a “hoodie, jeans and sneakers” entered the SUV first followed by Rihanna in “skinny jeans, kitten heels, a black jacket and shades,” and drove away together.

Soooooooo there’s that.

I know we’ll get a lot of different reactions to this news; I’m reminded of my first ever Rihanna/Chris Brown post, ‘Rihanna Loses It Over Chris Brown Interview Questions.’ Do y’all remember when she flipped out on that journalist who asked her about the significance of the Birthday Cake Remix track? Back then I thought it was clear that she still had feelings for him, and I thought that was fine, but I don’t think I ever believed we’d really be sitting here a few months later looking at pictures of the two of them, essentially, back together. Or at least possibly dating again. And yet, here we are.

What do you guys think about this whole movement? TMZ also posted a tweet from Karreuche (Chris Brown’s girlfriend… or ex-girlfriend) which read, ‘Bye Baby.’ I totally saw that as a reference to the new Nas song (titled Bye Baby), which is a very absolute break-up song (about his ex-wife Kelis), so I think she might be over all of this as well. Personally, I’m kind of in shock, kind of not, kind of disappointed, and kind of reminding myself that, in many ways it’s none of business.

But in a lot of ways (as a woman, as a black woman, as a mother, as a mother of two boys, as a music-lover, as a feminist, as a person who’s been in abusive relationships and as a person who’s been an abusive individual, and as a human being who does actually care about other people sometimes) it absolutely is my business. I can’t fully bash or even shake my head at either Chris or Rihanna, without thinking of my own experiences. However, they are in the public eye and, somehow, that makes a difference. What do you guys think?

UPDATE: Chris Brown has officially ended his relationship with Karreuche (or she’s ended it with him). Chris apparently gave an exclusive to Hollywood Life. Here’s what he said:

I have decided to be single to focus on my career. I love Karrueche very much but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna. I’d rather be single allowing us to both be happy in our lives.

So yeah. That too.

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  • fmx

    I was kinda hoping she would go for Adam Levine so they could have matching breastbone tattoos. No honestly I’m so over the are they or aren’t they, it just seems though as this has been on Chris’s terms the whole time.

    • Shannon

      fmx, Adam Levine?! Lol, that’s hilarious. At first I thought we were dealing with yet another set of rumors but this looks different. I can’t say whose running this relationship, but they are a both adults who are– for all intents and purposes– in their right minds. Although, some might disagree with that…

    • fmx

      I’m not convinced they’ve both dealt with their issues and if they do get back together again I think it’s gonna be a long term failure.

  • Zorbitor

    The thing is – IF he never hits her again there will be no one to say I told you so.

  • Serenity

    I think that abuse isn’t just an open and shut case. There’s a whole psychological aspect and it’s silly for people to declare that she should just stop seeing him/stop feeling whatever she’s feeling/call him out.

    The only difference her celebrity makes is that this should get people talking about what is and isn’t okay in a relationship, how to stand by your boundaries, how to help a friend in an abusive relationship (i.e. making sure s/he isn’t isolated by the abuser).

    • Shannon

      Serenity, this could absolutely make people more aware and it could also have the opposite effect in terms of people looking at her as a form of inspiration. Celebs aren’t role models (at least, many of them don’t want to be), but that doesn’t change the reality of things.

      I agree that whatever their relationship, it’s more complicated than we could ever know. We know and focus on one particular aspect, but that’s because it’s really hard not to! But I agree that it’s not exactly our place to judge.

  • Dennis

    Smashing good news! I’m sure this time their relationship will be a big hit! What with Rihanna’s striking good looks and Chris’ explosive charisma. Their relationship has a good beat and you can dance to it.

    • Lisbeth Slander

      Best comment I’ve read today. I wish these two would just disappear.

    • Joan


  • Sandy!

    Lemme translate that statement “I kicked that chick to the curb because she wasn’t cool with me and Rihanna. So, yeah. Me and RiRi forever! Leggo.”

    • Shannon

      Sandy! That sounds about right if by ‘she wasn’t cool with me and Rihanna’ you mean ”she wasn’t cool with me and Rihanna dating while she and I remained in a relationship.’ Lol. He’s so beyond real.

    • Sandy!

      EXACTLY! I can’t really think of anyone that would be okay with it.

  • Adriana

    The older more mature person typing this to you now does not understand why or how she could go back to someone who was so hurtful and so abusive to her. As I’ve gotten older I have become very simplistic in the way I think about love and relationships and what is okay and what is JUST NOT. As you mention Shannon, I too have been involved in relationships in the past where I put up with things I would NEVER put up with now, maybe it was because I was young, maybe I was lonely, whatever the case was I allowed a negative relationship to continue far longer than it should. Since that time I’ve never put up with those things again and would never. What confuses me about R is that she seems to have everything in the world going for her and seems as though she could have her pick of a pool of men, why pick or in this case re-pick a person who is capable of such horrible things. If he’s done it once or in her case multiple times doesn’t the saying go, “he’ll do it again”? OR will things be better and all of the sudden he will be able to control himself, can people really change that much?? At the end it’s her life … I just don’t get it on a woman level I just can’t understand … I suppose in part I’m not supposed to given it’s really none of our business). Last point, when I have a daughter I will use this as an example of what never to do …

    • Shannon

      Adriana, thanks for commenting. We all grow up, recognize our faults, and recognize our weaknesses at different points. That’s why it’s hard for me to come at Rihanna. Nobody could have MADE me or you change or realize things; that mainly comes from within and maybe from some close friends and fam, ya know? There are times when I’m like, ‘yo, WHO is around this girl???’ like where are her girlfriends and her family? But even if people are trying to encourage to stay away, I’m sure she’s making her own decisions.

      Obviously Rihanna has her pick of men; lots of women do, and they still go back to wherever they feel most comfortable, even if that is the worst place for them. Oh, and I meant to put this in the post. My philosophy professor gave it to me once and it seemed fitting. But this is what I mean (about it being really hard to make a change):

      Autobiography in Five Short Chapters

      By Portia Nelson


      I walk down the street.
      There is a deep hole in the sidewalk
      I fall in.
      I am lost … I am helpless.
      It isn’t my fault.
      It takes me forever to find a way out.


      I walk down the same street.
      There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
      I pretend I don’t see it.
      I fall in again.
      I can’t believe I am in the same place
      but, it isn’t my fault.
      It still takes a long time to get out.


      I walk down the same street.
      There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
      I see it is there.
      I still fall in … it’s a habit.
      my eyes are open
      I know where I am.
      It is my fault.
      I get out immediately.


      I walk down the same street.
      There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
      I walk around it.


      I walk down another street.

  • Krissy

    This is so disappointing. It seems Rhianna doesn’t love herself enough to get serious help. I don’t judge her, but I do pity her. Chris Brown has not shown that he has grown or changed. He still gets into violent altercations regularly, and I fear that this is going to end really really badly. The honeymoon period might be great, but I worry about their first big fight.

    • Shannon

      Krissy, ‘I worry about their first big fight.’ Aghhh. I shudder to think.

  • SMH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexggb

    I don’t think she loves or respects herself. Sad.

    • Shannon

      Alexggb, on some level I think that has to be true.

  • Alexggb

    Between this and RPatz getting back together with the b**** that humilated him very publicly, I don’t understand what’s going on with these people.

    • Shannon

      Alexggb, lol. I’m not sure but I think they’re all in love or ‘love.’ Although I see the connection, I wouldn’t compare what Kristen did to what Chris did (don’t think that’s what you’re doing). I can actually mentally prepare myself for Robsten reunited. This is something else.

  • PeaButNutter

    At the end of the day she is an adult and is allowed to make her own decision, right or wrong. She is the one who has to live with the consequences, and similar to a drug addict who has to hit rock bottom, she too has to decide her fate. Whether or not she gets back together with him, if he ever repeats the abuse it still isn’t her fault, he is the abuser, but she is responsible for putting herself back in the situation. Life is about choices, and she’s the one that will have to deal with the “I told you so’s” and backlash, and I would hope that his career wouldn’t bounce back again so easily. In my early twenties I was raped by an acquaintance of mine, and up to that point in my life every time I heard about a girl being attacked or abused I was 100% behind them telling them to tell the police, let your family know, don’t let this guy get away with it and hopefully prevent him from ever doing it to anyone else. And then it happened to me, and I did the exact opposite of what I thought I stood for. I was alone & frightened and disappointed in myself and completely lost. It still affects my life to this day and I often wonder if I had confronted him, would the last 10 years have been better for me? Who knows, but it sure changed who I am at the core, for better and worse. I guess my point is that you never know how you will react until you are in a situation, and R needs to figure it out for herself. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need support, I am sure her close friends and family are all over the situation.

    • Shannon

      PeaButNutter, thanks for commenting. I think you make a really important point about never being completely sure about where you stand on an issue, until that stance is tested. I completely agree and I think you’re right about Rihanna needing to come to this decision on her own. I honestly think people are angry, disgusted, judgmental, etc. because they see a woman who deserves better. Hopefully she’ll see the same too.

      Thanks again for sharing this.

  • Joan


  • MM

    You know what the worst part about this is? The fact that I feel bad.

    I think through the roller coaster of their fight, subsequent break up, and their behaviour/actions afterwards, I honestly hoped that ONE day Rihanna would wake up and realize that the world wasn’t trying to dictate or control her, they wanted what was BEST for her. To be with someone who wouldn’t disrespect, hurt or humiliate her the way Chris Brown did. Yet, she shunned being a role model for victims of domestic abuse, the support of her fans, etc. Seeing her get back together with him is kind of the last straw for me. I hate watching train wrecks, and I refuse to watch this one.

    Officially putting her on Nicki Minaj’s level lol

  • Dezden

    I don’t give a turd about them. Please go away since they’re both clearly cray.

  • blaqfury

    The most shocking thing about this post is Dave Chapelle was mentioned! It’s nice to know he’s hasn’t fallen completely off the grid…

  • Megan

    She’s young, and she has to learn for herself that she deserves better. It sucks that she’s doing it in the public eye and young girls are looking up to her, but she’s going through what, unfortunately, thousands of girls are going through. She is making the same mistakes, and will hopefully one day learn the same lesson.