Mariah Carey’s Husband Nick Cannon Speaks Out On The Beef With Nicki Minaj


It was the cuss-out heard ’round the world. Yesterday we saw and heard footage of Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey getting into it on the set of American Idol aaaand it was awkward. Awkward to see two grown women fighting like that (as if we don’t see enough of that on every femme-centered reality show on television), and awkward if you consider the possibility that it was all staged to get people talking about the upcoming season of AI. Either way, it was an intense interaction and rumors surfaced later about Nicki allegedly threatening to kill Mariah Carey. But rumors also surfaced from Nicki’s people who claimed that the altercation began when Mariah called Nicki Minaj a bitch. Folks… not a lot’s changed since high school. And now Nick Cannon, Mariah’s husband, is speaking out on the whole situation. Click inside to see what he has to say.

E! has the story, and you can watch a short video clip here:

Nick Cannon knows his wife’s got talent—and that’s why Mariah Carey will be great on American Idol, regardless of any festering feud between her and Nicki Minaj.

“I always say my wife is the strongest, classiest women that I’ve ever met in any situation. I’m never concerned about her handling herself,” the America’s Got Talent host told E! News today at a STOMP Out Bullying event at the Grove in Los Angeles…

But, as rumors swirl that the verbal spat was not indicative of a greater problem among Idol’s current roster of judges, Cannon insists that Carey is a pro and isn’t going to be bogged down by any off-camera (or, in this case, cell phone camera) drama.

“It’s unfortunate,” he continued, “’cause a lot of times when you think about…why America loves these shows, it’s all about people accomplishing and reaching their dreams and being guided by the experts. At times when we seem to lose our composure it’s kinda disappointing, but we move on and hopefully [the conflict] isn’t what the show becomes about.”

Cannon said that he and Carey talked about what really went down yesterday and she has already moved on…

“My wife’s not moved by the theatrics or pageantry,” he said. “She’s just there to do her job and help young people on this show that we’ve all grown to love.”

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So there you have it. Assuming that the beef was legit to begin with, it sounds like Mariah Carey’s already over it. Here’s hoping that really is the case, and we don’t see any more footage like that again. So ridiculous!



  • Dezden

    LOL. This stuff is ridiculous, but Nick always gets in on it. This is adult-like though, so that’s cool.