Listen: The Full Version Of Adele’s James Bond Theme ‘Skyfall’ Leaks To The Internets


Earlier this week we got to hear a 90 second clip of the new James Bond theme song Skyfall written and performed by Adele. Today we get to hear the song in FULL after it leaked its way to the Interwebs. The song hasn’t officially been released just yet so I’m not sure how long this leak will stay online before it gets yanked so … click below and listen while you can The Skyfall theme song has been officially released after the leak, click below to hear it in high quality.

I love this theme. It’s very Bond, it’s very Adele … it’s very perfect. I could do without the overbearing French introduction but since it’s a radio leak, I guess beggars can’t be choosers I am SO glad they finally released the song officially, this lyric video is much better than the radio rip that initially leaked. Enjoy!!


  • rOXy
    • rOXy

      ooops…I forget brackets don’t come across in comments. I meant HEART!

    • @rOXy — yeah, accented letters don’t work either. lemme see if that can be fixed.

  • nicole

    i like it. has that ‘bond’ sound/feel to it.

  • Shannon89

    This song makes me want to put on a pantsuit and become an international woman of mystery… Love it!!

  • miguel

    OMGOOOSH…Adele always amazing as always.

  • Sam

    Very nice and subtle. I like it!