Watch: Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey Get Into A Screaming, Cussing Match During ‘American Idol’ Auditions


Oh man! Things got SERIOUSLY heated during American Idol auditions yesterday when Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey got into a screaming match (that involved cussing) during auditions … which was, thankfully, caught on video. Ever since Idol casting started floating around Mariah Carey AND Nicki Minaj as possible judges (on the same panel), there has been much talk about how the ladies do not get along. My guess is that producers of the show hoped the tension between the two would make for good TV … and they were right. Honestly, as a skeptic, I’m very suspicious when news of in-fighting emerges from these kinds of reality TV shows but this video seems genuine to me. Check it out, watch Nicki and Mariah go at it in the video above and see what you think. Click below to read more about what exactly went down during this heated exchange.

Nicki Minaj derailed the “American Idol” auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina [Tuesday], after swearing at Mariah Carey and threatening, “I’m gonna knock you out” … sources tell TMZ. In the footage, obtained by TMZ, Nicki is clearly furious … shouting, “I told them, I’m not f*ckin’ putting up with her f*ckin’ highness over there.” Sources say Nicki later threatened to “knock out” Mariah … but that part wasn’t captured on tape. It all went down while the two were sitting at the judge’s table … with Keith Urban sitting in between them and Randy Jackson sitting on the far end, next to Mariah. We’re told the whole thing exploded over a disagreement about a contestant’s performance. According to our friends at, producers ended the auditions for the day so the two judges could cool down. Big wigs on the show seem uncharacteristically upset by the blow up — it appears this was no joke and it seems producers are worried about Mariah and Nicki co-existing for the long haul.


  • Nathan

    This is such a surprise. Who would have imagined Mariah and Nicki wouldn’t get along…?

  • Nathan

    Also, I feel that this sort of thing will be the demise of the show. I think the people that watch Idol, watch it for the music. I don’t think seeing two divas fight is what they want to see and ultimately, I doubt it will do anything to push the ratings up.

    • Lauren

      As a long time Idol viewer, I have to agree. I normally watch the auditions but they’re my least favorite part of the show as it is. Adding these two divas is not going to be a good thing for the show.

    • Reatlehile

      @MrDjoleen ??! so agree, rihanna is ok , but her voice is much much wekaer than Mariahs!! and she is just learning how to sing and singing techniques IN my opinion they are totally in different category

    • Krissy

      I watched Idol when it first came out, but the audition episodes showed me that they were NEVER about the music. You don’t have women in Big Bird costumes audition for the top judges if you are serious about showcasing talent.

    • Christy M McCluney

      hahahaha lmfao sooo true

    • Deby

      I agree with you, this smut on this show could be the kiss of death.
      Nicki has a nasty mouth and Mariah is a Diva’s diva, what did they expect hugs and kisses for everyone, and what’s up with Kieth Urban being a judge? Run Randy and take Ryan Secreatbwith you!

  • Meghan

    I don’t always believe these reports of “in-fighting” either, but this seems to be genuine given Keith Urban’s very embarrassed reaction. That guy is in the wrong seat!

  • bleedingEars

    In the words of Kramer: “Cccccccaaaaaaattt FIGHT!”

  • Alecia

    I think the problem is AI wanted to steal away attention from The Voice and X-Factor but to me they’re going about it entirely wrong.
    I’ve loved Mariah Carey’s music since I was a kid and her talent to me is amazing and inspiring.
    Nicki Minaj doesn’t impress me. She took what Lil’ Kim did, added some multiple personalities and made it Social Media friendly. That’s not talent- that’s PR and hype. I think they should let her off the show and get someone else.
    But at this point nobody is going to sit around and watch the show destroy itself.

  • Deresa McCrady-Moton

    I love Mariah Carey. I don’t know how they even picked Nicki to be a damn judge. She don’t know talent. She can only rap and aint to good at that without someone writing her shit. Come on now. Mariah has to much class for her.

  • Dach

    So Nicki thinks this type of behavior is professional for the show. I wouldn’t want her judging me on a damn thing!!!. Mariah is on a whole other level. She comes off as a hot head. I think AI did this just for ratings and to get people talking about the new season. I would like to know whose bright idea it was to bring Nicki Minaj on the show.

  • True

    Why isn’t this psycho in jail? She threaten Mariah with violence and is caught on tape

  • MJ

    I’m not really a fan of either, but Mariah’s answer was HILARIOUS!

  • DC

    cannot stand Nicki Minaj what trash

  • nicole

    stay classy Nicki.

  • Lisbeth Slander

    I would have handled it like this:
    “B*tch, I am Mariah mother effing Carey and I could bury you alive with all of my achievements.”
    Not a big fan of M’s but Nikki needs to have a seat and show some respect.

  • Jill

    The biggest problem here is the fact that Nicki Minaj is even on the show.

  • Joan

    Nicki shouldn’t have ever been cast as a judge of a singing competition. She feels “patronized” (and realistically, knowing Mariah, she probably was) but Mariah, BY MERIT, is completely out of Nicki’s league!

    I’m not a fan of Mariah. Her diva antics bug me to no end, but as a vocalist, she has 1000% more credibility than Nicki will ever have.

  • Krissy

    Kind of funny that Nicki’s arguing style mirrors her rapping style…repeating the same thing over and over. I don’t find her entertaining, talented, or interesting.

  • Jade

    Lol Nicki sounds like an immature brat with all her cursing. What was the point in hiring her anyway? If Mariah knew they were going to add another female to the judging panel, especially someone she didn’t like, she probably would’ve thought twice about signing a contract. Besides, Nicki is known for being a rapper, not a singer so I don’t blame Mariah being a little ticked off. I feel like there were other options available like former AI alumnis Kelly and Carrie. who are the true success stories of American Idol ,or for the younger demographic, Miley and Selena.

  • rOXy

    Oy. This just makes my stomach hurt. I haven’t watch AI in years, and this certainly isn’t going to win me back as a viewer. I love NM, but her voice here is just flat out annoying.

  • Lynne

    Wow, this just saddens me. :( I just hate seeing grown ass people acting like that. I agree with the comments in that Nicki should have not been a part of this panel! Ugh. American Idol, you won, you got people talking about your show again. The things networks do to get ratings. Sheesh.
    Also, did Nicki forget that this is a family show?!

  • Sam

    LOL, I call a maximum of 1-2 years before Nicki truly becomes her own demise…as in she will go off the rocker and everyone will truly know that she is actually mentally unstable, and that shit isn’t an act!!