First Look: Disney Releases A First Trailer For ‘The Lone Ranger’


Back in May of last year, we first learned that actors Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp were cast in the lead roles of The Lone Ranger and Tonto respectively. In October of last year, we learned that filming production of the film would happen in 2012 and that the film would be released in 2013. This past March we got to see the first promo image from The Lone Ranger … and today we get to see the first movie trailer. Honestly, the trailer is much more exciting than I thought it would be … but, as expected, the star of the trailer is Johnny Depp’s Tontonot Armie Hammer’s Lone Ranger (who doesn’t utter one word in this trailer). Check it out above and see what you think then click below to check out a batch of promo images released for the film.

I am impressed with the way the Lone Ranger story is being presented in this first trailer and in this batch of promo photos. I have a sneaking suspicion that the movie will really be focused on Tonto, despite the fact that he is commonly viewed as the sidekick to The Lone Ranger. What do y’all think? Does this movie look good to you? Is this the version of the Lone Ranger story that you were expecting?