David Beckham Caught In His Underwear By A Tour Group


When visitors come to LA, one of the activities that is available to them is the ability to take a Hollywood Tour that takes them to the homes of the various celebrities around town. When The Osbournes was a bit hit on MTV, tour buses used to line up outside their gates (which is something that Sharon Osbourne famously hated). This week, a tour bus make its way out to the home of the Beckhams and they were BLESSED with amazing luck. The tour group got to see David Beckham in front of his home in only his underwear. I repeat, BECKS WAS OUT AND ABOUT IN ONLY HIS UNDERWEAR! Click below to check out the fun photos.

It’s almost a requirement on a first trip to Los Angeles – a bus tour of movie stars’ homes. And those who paid out for a tour around Beverly Hills yesterday cetainly got their money’s worth, when they stumbled across the rare sight of David Beckham wearing just a pair of pants as he shot a new underwear campaign for H&M. The footballer grinned sheepishly as he caught sight of the bus, which appeared to be full of tourists, while making a dash for his car following the shoot. Beckham, who was wearing just a small pair of dark green underpants, shared a joke with the busload as he was spotted on location in Beverly Hills, California. He was later spotted making a dash back through the undergrowth to the shoot location.

LMAO!!! Now, I, personally, have never taken a Hollywood bus tour — not even when I was a tourist — but after seeing these photos, I might have to get my buns on a bus out to the Beckham mansion. After all, I guess you never know what you might see :) Even tho the tourists caught Becks during an underwear shoot (which means the photos are meant for public consumption anyway), it’s cute to see Becks looking so shy. Hahahha, I love these pics, don’t you?

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

  • kendra

    AHHHHHH!!! Those lucky lucky bastards!! I seriously don’t know if I could handle the crazy that would come out of my head if something like this happened to me..He’s my fave hottie EVER!!

  • rOXy

    Praise be. That man is a work of art.

  • katie

    LOL! So damn funny! They should have charged the people on the bus double for getting that view.