Tim Gunn Pays A Visit To ‘Sesame Street’


Last week we got to see a cute little video of Zac Efron and Elmo teaching kids about the word patience on Sesame Street. Today we get another update from the world of Sesame Street. Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn also paid a visit to the Sesame Street set recently (presumably to film a segment for the show) and he was able to take a really fun photo, which he shared with all of his followers on Who Say. Click below to see how much of a grouch Tim was on the set of Sesame Street last week.

I was on the set of Sesame Street yesterday. It was like a dream! Here I am in Oscar’s trash can.

First off, how cute is Tim in this photo? I really love the guy. He is so great on PR, truly. It’s fun to see an always dapper and dressed up gentleman like Tim horsing around and having fun. Tim Gunn inside Oscar the Grouch’s trash can is just amazing. I hope we get to see video of Tim on Sesame Street at some point, I bet his segment is also really fun :D