John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John Team Up For A New Xmas Album


Welp, it looks like this coming Xmas is going to be a lot brighter (possibly) and a lot cheesier (definitely) because today we learn that former co-stars and apparent current BFFs Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta have teamed up to record a new holiday album titled This Christmas. According to the press release issued today, John and Olivia decided to celebrate the “season of giving” by releasing an album that would raise money for their respective charities — The Jett Travolta Foundation (created in honor of John’s late son) and The Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre. Not only will we get an album full of songs sung by John and Olivia but they are joined on the album by guest performers like Barbra Streisand, Kenny G, Tony Bennett, James Taylor and more! Click below to see the album art for This Christmas, read the full text of the press release announcement and see the tracklisting for this year’s MUST OWN Xmas album.

When your first single from the Grease album, the biggest movie musical of all time, is chart-topping “You’re the One That I Want, and it becomes the best-selling duet in pop music history – that’s a tough act to follow. But almost 35 years later, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John have combined their iconic voices for This Christmas, available November 13 from Universal Music Enterprises. A true labor of love made specifically for “the giving season,” Travolta and Newton-John will donate the artist proceeds from the album equally to their respective charities, the Jett Travolta Foundation and the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in Melbourne, Australia. One of the highlights of the album is the one original song, the aptly titled “I Think You Might Like It.” This is the sequel to John and Olivia’s Grease smash, “You’re the One That I Want,” a new tune by that song’s writer/producer John Farrar, marking yet another This Christmas-spawned reunion. “John Farrar was just as hard on me now as he was then,” laughs Travolta. “We went for perfection on it.” “It was really fun to do that,” says Olivia. “If it wasn’t for that song, we wouldn’t be here talking about it 30 years later.” Produced by veteran keyboardist/arranger/orchestrator Randy Waldman, This Christmas is the audio equivalent of those classic network TV specials hosted from the stars’ homes, an intimate, warm set of traditional holiday songs from an all-star lineup that includes Barbra Streisand (“I’ll Be Home for Christmas”), Tony Bennett and the Count Basie Orchestra (“Winter Wonderland”), James Taylor (“Deck the Halls”), Chick Corea (“This Christmas”), Kenny G (“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”), Cliff Richard (“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”) and the original “I Think You Might Like It” by writer/producer John Farrar. The idea for the collection came from Travolta after receiving a Christmastime text from his old friend Olivia noting that their 1978 smash, “You’re the One That I Want,” had just become the best-selling duet in pop music history. “From the moment we decided to do this, magic happened,” says Travolta. “Everyone we contacted agreed to do it.” “It just fell into place,” added Newton-John, a four-time Grammy┬« winner, who has scored five No. 1 singles and two chart-topping albums, selling a total of more than 100 million albums worldwide. “With our busy schedules, I don’t know how we got it done. John and I have always connected. That’s never gone away. When we’re together, we have a good laugh and feel bonded to one another. We’ve been through some amazing experiences together.” “My desire was to make This Christmas an intimate album, not something too ostentatious or showy,” says Travolta, who early in his career was featured as an actor/singer/dancer with the touring company of Grease. “I wanted people to be able to play it around the house or in the car during the holidays, and make us part of your celebration. Gathering around house listening to Christmas music has always been an important part of that time of the year to my family.” But the real importance of This Christmas is the money it will raise to fund Travolta and Newton-John’s charities – one to combat children’s disabilities, including autism and seizures, named after John’s late son, Jett; the other to help search for a cure for cancer and to help victims of the disease. “We all felt a wonderful, joyful energy while recording this album,” adds Olivia. “We want to make a lot of people smile and happy. It’s a project that we’re hoping turns into a perennial, one that can continue to raise money for these causes year after year, a gift that keeps on giving.”

These are the songs that will be included on the album, the songs that feature guest performers are noted:

01. Baby It’s Cold Outside
02. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (featuring Kenny G)
03. I’ll Be Home for Christmas (featuring Barbra Streisand)
04. This Christmas (featuring Chick Corea)
05. Silent Night
06. The Christmas Waltz
07. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (featuring Cliff Richard)
08. Winter Wonderland (featuring Tony Bennett and The Count Basie Orchestra)
09. White Christmas
10. I Think You Might Like It
11. The Christmas Song
12. Deck the Halls (featuring James Taylor)
13. Auld Lang Syne/Christmas Time Is Here (Medley)

I honestly have no words for any of this. The 10 year old me that loves (and still loves) Grease is really excited by this. The adult me is, honestly, a tiny bit horrified by this so …. yeah. The Amazon listing HERE does not give a release date (actually, it does … it says the album will be released “December 31, 2020″ but I doubt we’ll have to wait that long). I’m quite impressed that John and Olivia managed to get so many big names to sing on the album with them. I think, based on the sheer cheese factor, I might have to invest in procuring this album … even tho the album cover photo is really scary (er, the John part, that is), I might have to make the sacrifice. What do y’all think about this? Does this look/sound like something YOU’D like to add to your holiday traditions?


  • Dennis

    “Youre the one I don’t want. (you arent the one I want) Ooh Ooh Ohh Honey!”

  • Serena

    What the heck is up with John’s hair & eyebrows?? Freaky!!

    • Kiki

      Serena, I belive you mean “hair” in quotation marks. Wasn’t it already established that he is wearing a tupee? At least he could get a more realistic one that isn’t jet black. C’mon dude.

    • Serena

      You’re so right! “Hair” is what i should have wrote. I knew he wore a toupee but doesnt he own a mirror?? His eyebrows look like someone took a Jiffy Marker and drew them on.
      To quote Shannon….”Ish Cray” lol

  • rOXy

    Aww, c’mon! THIS is a definite MUST HAVE. Not kidding. I’m totally down for it.

  • bleedingEars

    Well, once again I guess it’s up to me to be the first to say it:
    “Mother frackin’ creepy!”