It Looks Like NBC Is NOT Going To Produce The ‘Munsters’ Remake Series


Earlier this year we started hearing about the filming production of a rebooted TV series based on the 1960’s series The Munsters that would be titled Mockingbird Lane. As you may recall, Eddie Izzard, Jerry O’Connell and Portia de Rossi were among the big names added to the series which, you may also know, was set to feature a cast of non-monster Munsters. Today we are hearing that the bosses at NBC are likely to pass on the show, meaning it will not make it to air. According to Deadline, the show isn’t completely dead just yet but … it’s pretty much dunzo.

It looks like NBC’s Mockingbird Lane pilot won’t be going to series. There is no final decision, but I hear that the network brass are leaning towards passing on the project, a reboot of the classic 1960s sitcom The Munsters. The project from Bryan Fuller had been in the works at NBC for a couple of seasons, originally developed by the previous regime during the 2010-11 development cycle. Fuller’s script was one of very few Bob Greenblatt kept in play when he took over the network in January 2011. It was redeveloped and in November 2011, it was ordered to pilot around the same time another Fuller-written drama, Hannibal, landed a script-to-series deal at NBC. Like Fuller’s previous series, Pushing Daisies, Munsters was to feature striking visuals mixed with all the classic Munsters archetypes. Rolled to June, the pilot landed Bryan Singer as director and assembled a cast led by Jerry O’Connell as family patriarch Herman Munster, Portia de Rossi as his wife Lily and Eddie Izzard as Grandpa. The pilot was lauded for its visual style but pulling off the high-concept premise — a show about a family of “monsters” — was always considered a risky proposition. In the end, I hear it didn’t quite work. Meanwhile, Fuller is busy working on Hannibal, a series based on the Hannibal Lecter character, which has a 13-episode midseason order.

Yeah … this sounds like good news to me. I was never all that excited by the prospect of a rebooted version of The Munsters and my interest completely evaporated when I learned that the show would feature non-monster characters. I get that they were going for a reboot but … Munsters that are not monsters, what’s the point? I was a bit intrigued by the notion of another visually-appealing TV series like Pushing Daisies coming back to TV but nothing that I heard about Mockingbird Lane really grabbed me. If this show ends up dying a final death, I won’t lose any sleep over it. I say … let it go NBC.


  • fab4runner

    I was just talking about Pushing Daises last night. Miss that show :(

  • NE1

    Hopefully another network can take this on??

  • Liebchen

    I thought they were monsters, the only non monster (outside of Marilyn) was going to be Herman. I could have sworn I’ve read a dozen things that the rest of the family was suppose to be vampires or something.

    I thought it was a great idea myself.

  • Steve

    They were monsters in this reboot – Lily was a vampire, as was Grandpa; Herman was a Frankenstein, and the kid was a werewolf. Only Marylin was ‘normal’ – but then, she was in the original, too.

    • @Steve — Yes, I get that … but I didn’t really love the idea that they looked normal and the monster part was hidden. What I love about the original ‘Munsters’ is that they looked like monsters, that was the schtick :)