Watch: Showtime Releases The Season 7 Premiere Episode Of ‘Dexter’ Online For Free


The 7th season of Dexter premiered on Showtime last night and the network is so proud of the episode that they are sharing last night’s ep online for FREE. I was able to preview the first 3 eps of Dexter season 7 a few weeks ago and I’ve been DYING for all y’all to see it. I am so happy that Showtime is making the ep available because you can simply watch the episode in full right here, right now. Keep in mind, the ep has been censored from it’s original NSFW version but all the JUICINESS of the ep has been kept intact.

Additionally, Showtime is also making last night’s season 2 premiere episode of Homeland available for viewing online for free as well … click below if you’d like to watch the new ep of Homeland in full. I can’t even decide which ep I like better because both shows are so amazing. I guess I’ll just rewatch both eps and love them both as much as possible.

  • TeĆ³filo Roque Rivas

    The season premiere of Dexter was amazing! Really good stuff. I love getting frustrated with Dexter and his decisions and I wasn’t expecting that ending, not in the first episode, I really feel unprepared for what’s next and I can’t wait.

  • nicole

    last nights episode of Dexter totally made up for how crappy last season (for the most part) was.

  • KA

    Thanks for posting! I’m too frugal to get Showtime so I appreciate the freebie to help me catch up!

  • Brent

    This was I think the best season premier ever of Dexter. The whole episode was so good. Can’t wait to see what happens next Sunday!