Watch: Justin Bieber Pukes On Stage During A Concert (And, Yes, It Is Gross)


Justin Bieber, who just kicked off his Believe Tour, made a concert stop in Glendale, AZ on Saturday night and altho he was feeling a bit under the weather, he decided he was well enough to go on stage and perform. Unfortunately for The Biebs (and anyone close enough to get a really good look at him as he performed on stage), it turns out that JB wasn’t actually well enough to perform because midway thru one of his songs, he actually PUKED right there on stage. Naturally, it was all caught on video. The preview photo to the left is a photo of Justin that he posted online after the puking incident went down, this is the caption “Great show. Getting better for tomorrow’s show !!!! Love u” IF YOU DARE, you can click below and watch the actual video footage of JB blowing chunks on stage this weekend. Yes, the video is gross but the 12 year old in me just can’t stop watching … and laughing. I know, I’m ashamed of myself but please, disappoint YOURSELF and check out the (NSFW?) video below.

Justin Bieber must have come down with a real severe case of Bieber Fever [Saturday] night in Glendale, AZ … because in the middle of his concert … he PUKED ON STAGE!!! The show was the first on his new “Believe” tour and even though he was forced to leave the stage twice due to illness, the show went on. Bieber apologized to the crowd for being sick, but the crowd didn’t seem to mind too much and cheered him on throughout.

You will notice that Bieber’s vocals do NOT STOP even as he is vomiting on stage and not a single person in the audience cards. As incredibly gross as this incident is, it really does show the power of the Bieber. The kid can PUKE ON STAGE, mid-song and the crowd LOVES him for it! THEN he posts a cute, puppy dog eyes photo (shirtless, of course) and the entire matter is completely forgotten as his fans moon and fawn over his adorableness. The kid is a damn pimp, plain and simple. Let’s just hope that the next time JB feels a bit ill, he refrains from expelling any body matter while on stage again … I know his fans love him entirely but I suspect he might not get as much lurve from fans if instead of puking he suffers another accident from the other end. UGH, yes, I went there :(

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  • Meghan

    Ewww….. A person knows when they are about to puke (unless really, really drunk). Walk off the stage! Don’t do it right in the middle of the stage. I’m sure all those dancers were worried about slipping in it!

  • rOXy

    “blowing chunks” *snort*. I am a masochist and watched. His dancers just kept going! Usually a good heave will clear the area and fast!

  • Joe

    i bet that puke cost alot on ebay…and some fangirl’s gonna buy it. lol

    • @Joe — You are so right, sadly.

  • Diddler

    If I was him I’d puke to that music, too.

  • swifty_fan

    uh didn’t know a person could sing while throwing up.