Tam & Rob Got Hitched!


This weekend two very special people in my life got themselves MARRIED in front of loving family and friends in San Luis Obispo, CA. Tamar and Rob said their I Dos at a small farm house outside of SLO and no matter how much I try to explain how beautiful it was, I will not be able to do the ceremony justice. I snapped a lot of photos, some that you can see below, but even they are incapable of conveying how truly special this weekend was. As you may know, David and I have attended in sum 7 weddings this year … Tam and Rob’s was number 8. I don’t want to get in trouble by saying this but … it’s possible we saved the best for last :D Click below to sample some of the beauty and fun that was had this weekend and please, take a moment to send your warmest congrats and love to the newly married Mr. and Mrs.

Tam and Rob were made for one another, they complete each other so perfectly … it’s really never a surprise to see them looking so happy together. On their wedding day, tho, the two of them just radiated with love. I have to confess, I was a SOBBING MESS thruout the entire ceremony. Tam’s younger brother Jeremy was the officiant who married them and from the first words he uttered, I was a puddle of messy tears. Tam just looked so beautiful, it was impossible to not just feel the love and happiness that she was experiencing. Rob has a proud reputation for being a hard ass (that’s the nicest way for me to try say he’s kind of a dick all of the time) but this weekend, he was a fun mushy and very happy & proud groom. It was just an amazing amazing weekend.

David and I consider ourselves extremely lucky to have these people in our lives, we couldn’t be happier for the both of them … truly, 1000% LOVE. But after the serious wedding stuff was over, it was time to party …

… and party we did. I wore, for the first time ever, my Nike Air Mag Marty McFly shoes from Back to the Future and they were a hit. It’s a good thing I wore them for the after dance party rather than the wedding ceremony cuz, honestly, no one would’ve noticed the bride at all (sorry, Tam). The shoes were a hit … there were a lot of photos taken, guests at the hotel who weren’t part of the wedding came over to see them up close, it was hilarious. I’m proud to say that I broke in the shoes very well … I danced my ass off, I’m still feeing the soreness even today.

The weekend overall was just a party from start to finish:

We stayed at the Madonna Inn where each room is different and unique. Darion was in the Pony Room (see above) and David and I were in the Kona Rock room … basically, a hollowed out boulder that made it feel like were living as the Flintstones. There were very few electrical plugs and no wifi in our room so, yeah, I was unable to do any work this wekend … which, you may have noticed, meant I was absolutely M.I.A. this weekend here on the blog. I can assure you, that was not my intention. My plan was to do a tiny bit of work to check in with all y’all in between enjoying the wedding celebration this week. Due to a few circumstances, I ended up doing no work … in fact, for the first time in over a decade, I went over 24 hours without even turning on my computer at all. I was able to really let go, relax and no worry about work for the first time in 8 years because I knew Shannon had things well in hand. For that reason, I was able to really let go and have an amazing time this weekend.

As I said, this write up isn’t anywhere near as precise enough to convey what this weekend was for Tam and Rob, their family and friends. I can only assure you that the love that Tam and Rob felt for one another was intensified by the love we have for them and vice versa. Yeah, basically it was a lovefest. I hope you will join me in wishing a lifetime of happiness, health and love for Tam and Rob :)

  • Kayla

    What a BEAUTIFUL dress!!

  • nicole

    i looooooove her dress!
    congrats to the couple!

  • Meghan

    So glad to see Tam and Rob get hitched! I hope they have a very happy life together. BTW, Trent, saw an awesome picture of you on Rob’s Instagram! You have some great moves!

    • @Meghan — ::BLUSH::

  • Shannon

    I need HER dress and YOUR shoes. On my body. Together. Now. Thank you.

  • Megan

    Her dress is everything.

  • rOXy

    AMAZING photos!!!! Thank you for sharing. Tam was ravishingly radiant! The place looks dreamy and the whole affair seems like it was other-worldly. I bet you’re not completely back yet. If you’re going to wear your McFly’s, there couldn’t be a better occasion to do it. Now when you look at them, they are not only the coolest shoes ever, but they have great experience, too! I am GLAD you were able to unplug completely. You deserve that every now and again. It always does me good. Shannon kept us entertained and no fights broke out (that I know of), so you got away with it! Hooray!

    • rOXy

      Ha! and I just noticed Darion gave “the eyes”. They almost steal the show! lololol

  • Angie

    I want her dress. No. I need, NEED her dress.

  • Amanda

    THANK YOU so much for taking so many photos! I was DEVASTATED I couldn’t make it and you were the first to post any pictures on Instagram! The whole wedding really did capture who they are as people and you can tell it was just a magical day.

  • Megan

    We were in good hands while you were gone, I almost didn’t miss you. Almost.

  • BCDanielle

    Congratulations to Tam and Rob! I also love Tam’s dress!

  • MJ

    Congrats to the bride and groom.

    But, Trent. You wore your shoes? YOU. WORE. YOUR. MCFLYS?!

    • @MJ — I did. I. DID.

  • Dezden

    Congratulations!! Awesome pictures!!!!