Japan Opens Its First Masturbation Bar For Women


Tsk, tsk, tsk. 50 Cent would not be pleased. Japan has just opened a new ‘love and sex bar dedicated to women,’ but you can just call it a masturbation bar. The Love Joule (don’t act like you don’t adore that name) is a fun lil’ spot in the entertainment district of Tokyo and if you’re ever looking for a good time… with yourself… it’s the place to be! Click inside to learn more. It’s okay. I won’t tell anyone/50 Cent.

The Love Joule

So here’s how it works. You come into the bar and instead of liquor bottles, dildos line the wall. So there’s that to look forward to. Men are not allowed, unless they are accompanied by a woman. Also, be prepared to encounter some of Tokyo’s finest sex workers and adult movie stars. Nice.

Now here’s the only thing that’s unclear. The description of the bar is a little ambiguous: “fashionable and sexy in a different kind of space — perfect for girls-only discussions or a date.” On the one hand women are being offered a safe, open space to talk about sex and masturbation and all the good things that make life worth living, but whether or not women are actually acting on these discussions is another thing. What I’m saying is, we don’t know for sure if you’re allowed to masturbate in the masturbation bar. So you’ll have to go to Japan and find out for yourself (Shannon).

Speaking of which. You know how people travel to Amsterdam to enjoy the legalization of marijuana? I’m wondering who’s gonna be making a trip to Tokyo this winter? And if you’re lost, how exactly do you ask, in a respectful manner, where the masturbation bar is? Oh well, I’m sure there’s a way.

So, who thinks this is the best news ever?! Lol, I’m still kind of in shock. I didn’t know women needed this but if they do, then hooray for masturbation bars!

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  • Ama

    Well…that’s interesting.

    I’m not really surprised though-Personally I’d never do it. Because well, I’m just to…reserved for something like that I guess. I just put this on the same page as the love hotels in Japan.

    • Ama

      By ‘reserved’ I guess I mean I’d just be too friggin embarrassed/shy to go into a place like that. Even for curiosity sake. XD

  • JEM

    This makes me want to visit Japan even more now. It’s like another planet! So cool!

  • rOXy

    This is hysterical!! I love this idea! It’s probably just a sex shop for women that’s dressed up like a club, but it is a brilliant idea. I wonder if they have rooms where you can try before you buy, you know, the equivalent of a dressing room. I see no reason we can’t have one here in every Metro area.

  • Karen

    i love this!

  • Steve

    I live in Tokyo.
    Im gonna check this place out!

  • Nicole

    Steve, report back please!