First Listen: Hear A 90 Second Preview Of Adele’s New James Bond Theme Song ‘Skyfall’


OK … it’s official … Adele has been tapped to perform the theme song for the forthcoming new James Bond film Skyfall. For months now, the common belief was that Adele would be the *only* artist right now who would be perfect for the job and now we know that that belief was right. The cover art for the Skyfall single has been released and Adele herself shares a photo from the recording of the track. Additionally, a 90 second preview of the song has also leaked its way online so … check it all out below.

The song is … sexy. It’s very Adele and I’m gonna hafta hear the whole thing to make a final determination but it deffo has that 007 feel that might be perfect for Skyfall. I was really hoping the rumors would turn out to be true, so yeah, I’m happy with this first sample of the song. This is what the single coverart looks like:

And here is the photo that Adele tweeted as initial confirmation that she has, indeed, recorded the the Skyfall theme song:

I’m in LOVE with the idea of Adele singing the James Bond theme … not since Garbage recorded The World Is Not Enough back in 1999 for the Bond film of the same title have I been excited for a Bond theme song. This is great news, yeah? What do you think of this sample?

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  • rOXy

    Great news! I am ready for new Adele music. Marry it to James Bond and it’s a win no matter how you look at it. I love the preview.

  • miguel

    OMFG…the song sounds sexy. :D

  • Kim-E

    What about Madonna doing her thing with the Bond franchise? She even appeared in the film when they were fencing.

    • @Kim-E — Yes, ‘Die Another Day’ is great song but it doesn’t sound very “James Bond” to me.