All Charges Against Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Attacker’ Have Been Dropped


Hey! Good news everyone! I know alllll of y’all were worried about Lindsay Lohan, based on yesterday’s story about her getting attacked at the W Hotel, but no worries guys! Police have determined that, contrary to Lindsay’s initial accusations, no crime was actually committed. So that’s good… or something. Lol. Deets inside.

So yesterday we heard this awful story about Lindsay Lohan getting attacked by a congressional staffer named Christian LaBelle. According to Lindsay, Lindsay’s rep, and initial police reports he choked her, hit her, and threw her on the bed (all this over his cell phone, which allegedly had pics of Lindsay in it). Christian was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault and two counts of harassment.

Shortly thereafter we updated the post because reports were coming in saying that the assault charges were dropped but Christian and Lindsay were both being charged with low-level harassment violations.

Now the deal is, apparently, that no one anywhere is being charged with anything, ever… lol. Steve Honig (Lohan’s rep) spoke to E! News about the dropped charges, saying, “It’s both distressing and outrageous…and there should be a consequence for that.”

Oh, and here’s a fun fact. Two days before all of this went down, Lindsay sent this message out on Twitter:

Not sure if this ties in any way, just thought I’d put it out there. Okay, everyone who was worried– it’s fine! Lindsay’s fine. Sort of.