ABC’s ‘Revenge’ And Four Other Reasons You Shouldn’t Kill Your Television


Okay so last week, it actually happened. I actually sat down, remote in hand, and went cray-cray on my DVR. Although my old Sarah Lawrence professors wouldn’t be especially impressed, I’ve been saying for ages that I have no idea what’s going on with television and it’s been getting annoying. When I watched the 2012 Emmy Awards I was so clueless, but also so excited to start watching some of the shows that I saw being celebrated. So last week I recorded the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars, Modern Family, Scandal (duh), Vegas, Chrissy & Mr. Jones, and a show hella PITNBRS kept mentioning to me, Revenge. It’s been intense, lol! Oh, and I also tried my best to make it through an entire episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. More on that, and five reasons you totally shouldn’t kill your TV this week, inside!

Okay so here’s what ended up happening. I didn’t actually get to watch Vegas. But it’s still on my DVR. Should I watch? Modern Family and Dancing With The Stars are two shows I’ve never actually watched but they were kind of a big deal at the Emmys so I decided to checkie out. And the Modern Family cast also did this hilarious skit that had me hella intrigued about the show.

I really enjoyed Dancing With The Stars (especially the judges… especially Bruno!), but in the grand scheme of my life, decided I don’t need to watch it on a weekly basis. Modern Family, however, I lurved. More on that in a minute.

Now here’s what happened with Honey Boo Boo. I tried. I really did. And I soooo wanted to like the show just because I was getting tired of seeing a million blog posts about how awful it is. You know, I was rooting for the underdog or something! I was even cracking up during the first, like, 15 minutes. I think it was the episode where the oldest daughter (you know, the 17 year-old) has a baby. Some of it was really funny! And then I noticed that they had every member of the family giving their confessionals outside, so we can see them swatting at flies and being all countrified. That was fun. Except then Alana was all getting annoyed with the gnats and told them to (and I quote):

Go back to Africa

She also told them that she would help them pack. So, um… unfortunately, I was unable to continue watching. I thought my twisted sense of humor knew no bounds but since Alana is a real person and not a stand-up comic, I felt some type ‘o way. So yeah. No.

All that being said, there were a few premieres and new shows that I absolutely fell totally in love with all over the place. And one of them I haven’t even watched, but it comes so highly recommended I’m putting it on the list too. And yes, I know there are a bunch of other awesome shows out there, but give a girl some time! I just started watching TV and until I figure out how to do that and start a book club here at PITNB, I’m keeping the TV time to a minimum of, like, 5 shows. Here they are!

Five Reasons You Totally Shouldn’t Kill Your Television

1. Revenge

First off, shouts-out to PITNBRS Liz, Lulu, and Thomas, all of whom have expressed their lurve for Revenge and got me thinking that I should really be watching the show. Thomas was especially persuasive since he commented on a Scandal post and had me thinking that if I loved Scandal, I’d love Revenge. And it was true. I love Scandal. And I love Revenge, although the two shows are very different. Revenge appeals to, like, everything that I want to see ever in life: 1.) The Hamptons and all the glorious splendor that comes with, 2.) hot guys who are also nice and they are hot as well, and 3.) a femme protagonist that is smart and good-looking but never sexualized, and as strong as she is weak (you know, like a real human being). I also love anything that reminds me of a Shakespearean tragedy and since Revenge offers a contemporary femme-based twist on The Count of Monte Cristo, I’ve seriously been in my happy place since I started watching the first season on Netflix. I’m not even half-way through but I can’t wait to finish this week so I can watch the premiere (which happened yesterday) and the new episode next Sunday. Love, love, love this show! And I effing love Ashley Madekwe who has a blog that I now stalk frequent.

Revenge airs on ABC, Sundays at 9 pm EST.

2. Chrissy & Mr. Jones

We all have our guilty pleasures and last season mine was Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Now that it’s time to take a breather from all that amazing ratchetness, VH1 is bringing us a new reality show spin-off from the original Love & Hip Hop, with Chrissy and her fiancé, Harlem rapper Jim Jones. I don’t care what anyone says, I’ve always loved Jim Jones and I’ve been on Team Chrissy for a while. Now that the couple’s engaged we get to watch them kinda sorta make their way down the aisle. The dramatic tension stems from the fact that there’s, like, a 75% chance that they’re totally not getting married anytime soon, lol. Anyway, I like that Chrissy broke away from the other show because, like a lot of women-centered reality shows– there was so much drama and it wasn’t always a good look. These two are adorable and I just lurve watching them together! Plus Mama Jones (Jim Jones’s mother) brings the ummm well, ratchet (there really is no other word), in case you’re seriously missing Love & Hip Hop ATL. Not that I am. I’m fine. Totally fine.

Chrissy & Mr. Jones airs on VH1, Mondays at 9:30 pm EST.

3. Modern Family

Okay, I wanted to actually take the time to go back and watch all three seasons, but I just could not wait to finally watch this show! So I’ll have to work that into my schedule sometime soon but in the meantime, I am totally watching this show. The first episode of the fourth season premiered last Wednesday and I was totally smitten. In case you missed, I won’t give away any spoilers but getting to know the characters this far along in their journey was kinda fun. I think Julie Bowen (Claire) is my fave right now, but I did just start watching so give me time!

Modern Family airs on ABC, Wednesdays at 9 pm. They’re taking a week off for the presidential debates but will have two new episodes on October 10.

4. Scandal

Scandal is the greatest show on earth. Every episode is like a Jacques Derrida essay; you’ll need to experience it at least two times for it to make sense (okay granted, Derrida’s essays take like 6 readings, but still). I’ve already gone on (and on) about my lurve for this show/Kerry Washington/Kerry Washington’s face and we won’t even talk about that one time when the show’s creator Shonda Rimes (who also created Grey’s Anatomy) retweeted me. What? You wanna see it? OMG, okay fiiine:

So there’s that.

Scandal airs on ABC (which is, apparently, my new favorite place), Thursdays at 10 pm EST.

5. Once Upon A Time

Recently I was watching Walk The Line and I was all like, I think I’m in love with Ginnifer Goodwin. Then when I was texting my bff Michelle in the middle of a Revenge marathon and told her that I had a new show for us (when she came to visit from Beantown this summer we watched the first season of Scandal and my friend– who has the audacity to be anti-Kerry Washington– got hooked), she told me she hadn’t seen Revenge but there was a show (other than Scandal) that she was obsessing over. Thus, Once Upon A Time comes highly recommended from my bff and since Ginnifer’s in it, I’m gonna assume that I can be prepared for good things. Can’t wait to start watching this one!

Once Upon A Time airs on ABC, Sundays at 8 pm EST.

Okay, that was my  I-watched-TV post. Never thought it was gonna happen, lol! Now I’d lurve to hear if any of you will be watching any of these shows with? And what are your fave new shows AKA reasons you’re not killing your TV?


  • Jacinta Yanders

    Scandal and Revenge are two of my favorites. Scandal requires all of my attention. There’s SO much information, but I love it. Revenge is just the perfect mix of awesome and crazy. I also dig Once Upon a Time. I think I’m going to check out Nashville when it starts next week as well.

    In terms of reality shows, I’m watching The Voice, X Factor and Survivor.

    • Shannon

      Jacinta Yanders, mmmhhh I’ve been thinking about Nashville. It looks really good. And I agree about Scandal– it’s impossible to watch with ANY distractions, lol.

    • Jacinta Yanders

      Yeah I like a lot of the people in Nashville, so I’m hoping the writing is good.

      I also recently started watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, and now I’m hooked.

  • Joan

    Once Upon a Time, Revenge and Modern Family are three of my favorites. I caught up with Revenge before Season 2 started, and have watched OUAT and Modern Family from the start. Love them.

    Modern Family is hilarious. The cast is fantastic. Phil is my favorite, but there’s a special place in my heart for Gloria (because her Latinisms are SPOT ON! I love how she screams all her lines, lol) I love OUAT because I’m a book nerd. The fact the the writers from LOST are behind it helps a lot as well. Revenge is fantastic because there’s a pot twist in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. I also love Emily, the lead character. I’m also excited for the new season of Dexter and the final season of Fringe.

    • Shannon

      Joan, Gloria is a riot. She’s def got that ‘unapologetically Latina’ thing going on (kinda like Rosie Perez back in the day), lol. I’m def looking forward to watching more of her.

      I’ve heard about Fringe and I’m kinda curious! Thanks for mentioning :)

    • Joan

      Fringe has one of the most underrated cast in TV. Their story- telling is breathtaking, but also sci-fi weird. (Breathtaking, nonetheless. lol) I don’t know how easy it would be to pick up the series on Season 5 (it’s their final season), but you can give a try. I love it. One of my favorites shows and it has a huge cult following online. I mean, I watch the show with my laptop because the dynamic with fans online is so awesome.

      So sad it’s going to end. :(

    • nicole

      @Joan – i totally agree with you about Fringe… completely underrated.

  • Lulu

    Aww… a shout out! :) :) :)

    I’m still getting through Once upon a time.. I can only watch it in doses. I like it, just don’t LOVE it like Revenge, or MF.

    And we all know “there’s a difference between like and love. I like my Sketchers. But I love my Prada backpack”

    • Shannon

      Lulu, shouts-out were def in order! You guys really made me feel like I was missing out on something special. Going back to Netflix right now!

  • nicole

    Scandal, Revenge & Once Upon A Time are part of the handful of shows i REFUSE to miss. i have to watch them asap, they always leave me wanting more

    • Shannon

      nicole, yes! It’s so fun watching full seasons on Netflix… the anticipation with Scandal this season is almost too much :)

  • Liz

    Besides the shows that are returning like Revenge, Once upon a time, walking dead., Fringe (last season :(…. I watched a few new shows last week, I have to say so far I really like Elementary, Vegas, and 666 Park Ave. I had big hope for Revolution, but 20 mins in I was bored outta my mind!

    • Shannon

      Liz, thanks for commenting! I’m gonna check out Vegas too; it looked fun.

  • Thomas

    Thanks for the shout-out Shannon! :) I know if you’re loving the first half of Revenge, you’ll love the season premiere from last night. Fun fact: after I bought the s1 dvd, I got my parents to watch the pilot episode. We then proceeded to watch all 22 episodes in two weeks (something unheard of for my parents). Dad even quotes Revenge sometimes haha. Scandal was epic on Thursday and I am pumped for this week’s episode. I haven’t watched Once yet but everything in my being tells me I should haha. Also, really excited for Nashville and Arrow. I also watched 666 Park Ave after Revenge last night and thought it was quite interesting. This year is gonna be a good one for network TV I hope!

    • Shannon

      Thomas, that bit about your Dad is hilarious, lol! I hadn’t thought about it before, but Revenge really is a family (but adult) friendly show in a way– even with all the drama. I’ve also heard some good things about Arrow, might need to check that out.

      Thanks again for all the good recommendations :)

    • Thomas

      No problem! :) Post if you end up watching Nashville or Arrow and we can compare notes haha! Also, can’t wait until you’ve caught up on Revenge and can comment on the start of s2!

  • Courtney

    I feel like an ABC Junkie! OUAT, Scandal, Modern Family and Revenge are must watch shows for me. lol

    Wait until Vampire Diaries starts…AMAZING! (It is on the CW, of course)

    • Shannon

      Courtney, LMAO at ‘ABC Junkie’!!! When did they take over the world???

    • Courtney

      right!?! all of a sudden ABC has interesting programming. lol and SO agree with everyone about The New Normal. You should watch an episode on Hulu!

  • blaqfury

    Definitely a fan of OUAT, Revenge, Modern Family and I was a late comer to Scandal, but I love it now. (I told my friend I’d watch it over the summer if she watched OUAT, I really won on that deal…lol, I only had to watch 7 epi’s, she had 23…lol). Anyways, I pride myself that the only reality show I watch is Project Runway and the Voice sometimes. So I’d like to keep it that way (Sorry Chrissy & Mr. Jones), but for everything else… spot on my friend… spot on!

    But Shannon, you absolutely have to check out The Good Wife… I’m telling you, it’s one of the most intelligently written shows on air. I love that show!

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, you are sooo right about The Good Wife. I need to get on that ish stat! Julianna Margulies went to Sarah Lawrence (obvi, long before I did) and I’ve heard nothing but good things. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Thomas

      I’ve wanted to watch The Good Wife since it premiered originally but I can’t seem to find the opportunity to watch it! It’s definitely next on my list!

  • Carl

    Scandal and Once Upon A Time all the way! I’m a HUGE ABC fan, as I also enjoy Grey’s (I swear Shonda Rhimes is a television genius), Castle (Check it out if you haven’t, Nathan Fillion is yummy!) and the recently departed Desperate Housewives (R.I.P.) I also checked out 666 Park Avenue (Sundays at 10) and liked it a lot, and plan to check out Nashville when it comes out on October 10.

    • Shannon

      Carl, Shonda Rimes is a god among men, lol. Love her. I remember hearing about Castle, might have to check that one out too. Thanks for commenting!

  • hapacalgirl

    Scandal and Revenge were my go to shows last season and definitely this season. Its about time we have quick thinking, gorgeous, and badass female characters who don’t think anything form anyone. I also like Once Upon a Time especially even more so after getting a chance to meet the entire cast at comic con this past july.

    • hapacalgirl

      wow typos, my goodness. I meant ” who don’t take anything from anyone”

    • Shannon

      hapacalgirl, yes! ‘quick thinking, gorgeous, and badass’ is nice to see on TV. I think a lot of their beauty, too, comes from their confidence (Emily/Amanda and Olivia Pope); it’s very good stuff to watch.

      I just saw a documentary about comic-con (by Morgan Spurlock) and it was amazing! Made me really feel like I’ve gotta go sometime. It must have been awesome for you!

  • frenchgirl

    My favorite is revenge i’m only on episode 7 ,i’ve never seen the other shows , but i’ve just discovered walking dead , i love it , homeland is one on my favorite too i’m waiting for the second season

    • Shannon

      frenchgirl, Revenge only gets better with each episode. Haven’t seen a wack episode yet, lol. And I’ve heard plenty of good things about Homeland; hope to check that out too sometimes.

  • Hannah

    I am catching up on revenge. But never miss Once Upon a Time. This summer, I caught up on Vampire Diaries, and that is a guilty pleasure that I am looking forward to.

    I have yet to see scandal but I want to. Last year I caught up on grey’s, Private Practice so became a bit of a Shonda Rhimes fan.

    • Shannon

      Hannah, I can’t wait to watch Shonda’s other shows. Can you believe I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy?!

  • Serena

    I’m kinda liking a new show called “The New Normal”. It’s like nothing ive ever seen before. The humor is borderline offensive but you cant help but laugh. Ellen Barkin is so funny!! She makes you laugh yet cringe at the same time. I dunno, so far im kinda liking it.

    • blaqfury

      Absolutely love The New Normal… it’s a truly hilarious show… (even with the one liners you know you shouldn’t laugh at but do anyways…lol)

    • Shannon

      Serena, I’ve seen Ellen Barkin in a few movies… and now that I think about it, I’ve totally seen the pilot episode for The New Normal and yes, she is hilarious! Thanks for reminding me :)

  • Seth Leeper

    ok this is totally unrelated but you have to watch/listen to solange’s new song/video! i’m really digging the track and based on your previous music posts, i think you might like too. it’s like an acoustic 80s in a tin can. lol don’t know how else to describe it.

    p.s. scandal and revenge are awesome!

    • Shannon

      Seth Leeper, I totally e-mailed the link to her video to myself earlier today! Can’t wait to watch, and I’ll def post the video when I’m back to work on Thursday. Thanks Seth Leeper; you know me well :)

    • Seth Leeper

      My pleasure Shannon! Always a pleasure to read your posts. : )

  • Shannon

    Wilson, OMG you will love Scandal. Revenge, too, appeals to a certain critical way of thinking. So much of theory is related to philosophy, which is related to psychology, where everything is complicated by human vice and insecurities. There’s no way to out-think the ego (yours or someone else’s) is one of the messages I get when I watch these shows.

    ‘Sweatpants and DVR days’!!! Ahhh, good times :)