Usher Is Kicking His Ex-Wife Tameka Foster Out Of His/Her Home


We’ve been following the Usher Raymond/Tameka Foster courtroom drama for a minute now. As many of you know, Usher was recently awarded primary custody of the former couple’s two boys, which was kind of a big deal. He then went on Oprah’s Next Chapter to speak– once and for all– about his relationship with his ex-wife, and although he spoke candidly about many things (like getting involved with one of Tameka’s bridesmaids… nuts), we all know there are at least two sides to every story. And now the plot is thickening, as sources say that Usher has given Tameka 60 days to leave the home she’s been living in for the past few years, which legally belongs to him. Click inside for more.

TMZ has the story:

Usher wants to make it clear to his ex-wife … the days of freeloading are OVER — because TMZ has learned, he plans to sell the mansion she currently calls home.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ, Usher’s lawyer sent Tameka Raymond a letter informing her the 12,000 sq. ft. Georgia home — which Usher owns — is going on the market and she needs to find new digs.

Usher has allowed Tameka to live in the home for the last few years — but per their 2009 divorce agreement, Usher has the right to sell the pad at any time as long as he gives 60 days notice.

According to sources, Tameka didn’t take the news well, seeing as she has no income of her own and has been financially dependent on Usher since the divorce.

On the flip side, we’re told Usher feels he’s given Tameka plenty of time to get her act together … and enough is enough…

Ohhh, drama. Sometime in the middle of the summer when all of this started popping off I thought to myself ‘this is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.’ It sounds like Usher is within his legal rights to kick Tameka out and sell the mansion, but that doesn’t mean she’s not feeling some type of way right now, lol. I’m also just now hearing that she spoke out in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, which I’m now desperately trying to find online. But you can watch a few small clips here.

What do you guys think about all this? Tameka lost her son just a couple of months back to a jet ski accident, and then lost custody of her other two sons to Usher. Now she’s losing the place she called home (although it was, legally, Usher’s home). Is Usher doing the right thing?


  • Lauren xx

    Yes, she had a right to “freeload” at the house since the divorce, however, she’s had 3 years to figure out some sort of income and save knowing full well that 60 day notice could come at any time. The fact that she apparently DIDN’T prepare for that is plain stupid. It’s really hard for me to feel sorry for that.

    • Shannon

      Lauren xx, I hear you! Here’s hoping she has been planning and saving up and has a place to crash.

  • Lulu

    Lets hope he hasn’t pushed her too far…

    A mom without her babies.. well. I know I’d go off the deep end. :(

    • Lulu

      I do get it is his RIGHT to do all this… but yeah. I just feel bad for all she has lost lately.

    • Shannon

      Lulu, I think that’s exactly how I feel. They’ve both done messed up stuff to each other but you still feel for a mother who only lives with her kids 12 days out of a month, and lost another child, and now has to pick up and move. I’m hoping this is a bad time for her and that things will look up soon.

  • Megan

    I don’t think Usher is wrong for not wanting to support his ex-wife so heavily, however he should have been more compassionate. She just lost a son and now lost full custody of her other children. He should have given her a date of next summer to get an income and move out of the house. Then she would have time to grieve and would know the exact date she would have to be out.

  • elissa

    I think usher is doing the right thing, you may feel sorry for her, and that is what he probably felt by letting her stay so long, but she must of messed up pretty bad for her to loose custory of her two children. So why should she be allowed to freeload on Usher?

  • laurenl

    I remember back to when his mom questioned his decision to marry Tameka, and I bet she’s a difficult one to handle… I bet he’s handling this situation as graciously as possible.