Watch: Oscar Contender ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Releases Another Trailer


A little while back we saw the first trailer for a new film from Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley CooperSilver Linings Playbook. I was so excited to see a rom-com that would also address the still-taboo subject of mental illness in young people. Plus the film has this light-hearted feel that makes it all kind of irresistible; and you can’t complain about any of the casting choices. Silver Linings Playbook recently debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival (remember how amazing Jennifer looked?!) and it’s getting some serious Oscar buzz and seeing as how this second trailer made me tear up towards the end (it was that DeNiro line), I can totally see why. PITNBRs helen, ClaireMichelle, Katie, and Lulu joined in on the excitement when we got our first look; anybody else pumped to see this one?


  • Alicia A. Bentley

    Hey, this looks really good! I have never even heard of this movie? Where have I been. LOL. Cant wait!

    • Shannon

      Alicia A. Bentley, it was a while ago when we shared the first trailer, but yes! It looks so good!

  • muchacha

    Yes! I will totally be going to see this movie. I’ve had it on my radar since finding out JLaw is in it (seriously love her!!), and now watching the preview confirms my attendance :)

    • Shannon

      muchacha, I cannot wait to watch her blow up (more). This character seems so right for her.

  • Becca

    So far this movie is doing the same thing for me as The Holiday did when it first came out and still does every time I see it.
    They may be pretty different in a lot of ways. But they both seem to make the world a better place for an hour or two. They wrap you up in this warm and bubbly love-cocoon of prettiness and butterflies and snowangels and misteltoes and magic and sparkle and glee and heartbreaking nostalgia all at once. They define “feel-good”.

    Me and my hubby dream to build our own house and I decided early on that I want it to make me feel the same way The Holiday makes me feel. Now I think I just might have to add to my references :P

    • Shannon

      Becca! I love this. And I love the idea of building a house that has a particular feeling to it… that must be how you make a home. Brilliant!

  • pufinstuf

    As a person who has dealt with mental illness since they were young (and who is now middle aged) I always have a problem with movies like this. So many movies portray mentally ill people as quirky and whimsical and outside the norm in an interesting manner. Besides being a mentally ill person, I have known many other people with mental illness (fellow patients or people who were clients during my stint as a case manager.) Although I could tell some interesting stories about other people, I can’t think of one of them who would tell you that their internal experience is funny or cool. It’s more of a daily fight that grinds away at your energy, perseverance and will. There is little to nothing that is warm or fuzzy.

    • Shannon

      pufinstuf, thanks for sharing this and for giving an honest comment. I think Silver Linings is a rom-com first (which requires a certain amount of warm fuzziness), but will also address some of these things. Still, I think you’re right to speak up because there is a sort of Hollywood romanticization of characters with mental illness and this should be acknowledged.

      I have a close friend with bipolar disorder and she is absolutely quirky and funny and cool and also went through a lot (esp in our teens) that was more difficult than I could ever imagine. But hopefully another filmmaker might see what you see and come along and create a film with more balance (although I don’t know that this one doesn’t have that balance… this is just the trailer).

      Thanks again for weighing in here.

  • Jessica

    Removed fido fyi

    • Shannon

      Thanks Jessica– new video up!