Ryan Gosling Is Not A Frontrunner For The ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Movie


Okay y’all. A while back I vowed never to report on Fifty Shades Of Grey again… until I’d read the book. So you know what this means! I finally found some time for the mommy porn to end all mommy porn and based on everything everyone told me about the book (good, bad, and anti-feminist) I was not disappointed. And I’m so excited to talk about the book and the forthcoming movie now that I have an actual foundation, lol. So here’s the deal. Ryan Gosling fans will either be really really happy, or really really sad to hear that the actor is not one of the frontrunners for the role of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie adaptation, as was previously reported. Click inside to learn more from author E.L. James who recently denied these rumors in an interview with Ryan Seacrest.

E! has the story:

It looks like the Ryan Gosling isn’t the number one choice to play Christian Grey after all.

Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James shot down those casting rumors to E!’s own Ryan Seacrest on his radio show Friday, saying stories about the Drive star being the frontrunner to play the coveted role were simply not true.

The story started brewing after James’ hubby Niall Leonard told the U.K.’s Now magazine that the “last he heard” Gosling was the No. 1 choice to star in the highly anticipated film.

But James said those reports were “completely misreported.”

“What happened is that his local paper, he’s from Northern Ireland, there’s a newspaper there called the Belfast Telegraph that reported on my husband being the inspiration for Christian Grey. Underneath it they put a picture of Ryan Gosling, as well. So, that’s how that came about,” James said.

While the author played coy when Seacrest brought up a few other actors’ names as possibilities for Christian Grey, including Jake Gyllenhaal and Ian Somerhalder, she did admit she’s a big Vampire Diaries fan, but said the lead actor would be selected by the studio and they weren’t that far along in the casting process.

Now HUNDREDS of you already weighed in about who you’d like to see get cast as Christian and Ana (and some of you said the whole idea of a movie was terrible, seeing as how the whole idea of the book was terrible, lol), but I’m curious to know if any new ideas come to mind. Honestly? I couldn’t imagine Ryan Gosling as Christian (Ryan can get intense for sure, but Christian is actually a really dark, troubled character at times), and I do like the idea of unknown actors (or lesser-known actors) coming in and changing the game. But it’s tricky! And I still don’t get how they are going to make this movie without it being an NC-17 production!

What do y’all think? Are you happy Ryan’s kind of out of the running here? Or are you sitting somewhere, trying to figure out how to do some sort of Drive/Fifty Shades Of Grey reading mash-up on YouTube? What?

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  • xokimmy

    Matt Bomer!!! I know he’s older than Christian, but that’s exactly how I pictured him when I read it. And maybe Amanda Seyfried. I think she has the kinda original/almost odd pretty thing that Ana does.

  • Chelsy

    I think alexander skarsgard is perfect for the role he has something dark and he is tall, handsome he has something that i cant explain but i think he fits the description for christian grey also ryan is a good choice but i see more alexander as christian than any other actor IMHO

  • Ara

    Matt Bomer would be great! When I read it I pictured Henry Cavill he’s so hot I think he would be perfect for the part. I don’t see Jake or Ryan as the leads for some reason.

  • Kristen Simpson

    Jared Leto!!

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    Ryan would be perfect.He can be dark and broody like in Drive and amorous and hot like in Blue Valentine and really sweet and loving as in the The Notebook.I think he will be perfect.I’m voting for him.

  • katie

    I think pretty much all the actors mentioned are way too good for this crap factory of a series.

    • Joan

      Word. I have a hard time believing that any respectable actor would even consider this role…not for artistic reasons….

    • Shannon

      Joan and katie, I’m wondering if this could be one of those RARE occasions where the movie turns out better than the book. I actually liked the plot of 50 Shades but the writing style was obviously not… you know… really good. But a good director and good actors could take that plot and make a strong movie, I think.

    • Kristín

      i totally agree Shannon

  • Dawn Schaffer

    I’m on Team Matt Bomer. That man IS Christian Grey for all I care and know. I mean, look at him! ;)

  • Light

    Matt Bomer as Grey and with huge blue eyes, Zoey Deschanel fits Miss Steele perfectly. Yums!

  • Kristín

    i only see Ryan Gosling in this role, he would be perfect! But i think an unknown girl would be a good choice.

  • chrisdc77

    I like Matt Bomer, and maybe Zooey Deschenal (I know i butchered her last name). I see Ana as this beautiful girl who is quirky and doesn’t really see herself the way others see her, looks wise.

    @Shannon – I agree 100% with your comment about not knowing how this movie will not be NC-17. How are they going to make a movie based on these books and do them justice but leave out all of the juicy sex stuff. R-rated movies can only go so far. In my opinion, its not quite far enough to include everything that goes on in these books.

    • Shannon

      chrisdc77, I know a lot of directors hate for their movies to get NC-17 ratings because it immediately loses whole crowds of people. But I’d like to think that the books are popular enough that everyone will clamor to see the movie either way. Otherwise, it’s gonna be pretty annoying to see things get watered down, lol.

    • chrisdc77

      100% agreed. Everyone knows what to expect when it comes to this book and will look forward to it in the movie version. If they can’t make this movie how it should be made, then don’t make it. Maybe HBO or one of these other premium stations could pick up the option to make this movie and do with it what they want. That could be another option (which i doubt will happen, there is just too much money to be made from this).

  • Mikaela Kotz