Kristen Stewart Was Spotted Arriving At LAX Airport From France


Earlier today we heard new rumors about a possible Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reconciliation. The couple may or may not be getting back together; someone may or may not have moved back in (or out); and Kristen’s recent smiles and her red carpet appearances may or may not be proof that they are somewhere, oh so happy together. So! We have little confirmation on a lot of gossip but we know one thing for sure: Kristen Stewart was absolutely at the Los Angeles LAX airport yesterday and we can confirm that she was wearing shades, a white tee, and her beloved Converse chucks. Peep the gallery for more indisputable photographic evidence!

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet

  • Joan

    lol The reason why she didn’t flip off the paparazzi (standard KS procedure) from inside the car may be the same reason why she has been making more of a personality effort on the red carpets and for cameras: she’s recovering from a media scandal. She has to do what she has to do.