Watch: ‘The Details’ May Have The Coolest Cast Ever


Tobey Maguire. Elizabeth Banks. Laura Linney. Ray Liotta (I don’t care how many people make fun of him, he is Goodfellas and Blow and Corrina, Corrina, and everything else awesome in this world). Oh and Kerry ARE YOU effing KIDDING ME Washington?!?! Seriously. I need this movie in my life. Stat! The trailer is totally weird and quirky and indie and awkward and I would watch anything with any of these characters individually so putting them all together in one movie is just tops! Agh! I cannot believe Tobey Maguire and Kerry Washington just made out! Whoops, belated spoiler alert! Watch the trailer now; it will please me. I mean you.

Okay, now the “bad news” is that the film had a delayed release which is usually a sign that studios were iffy about it. With such an eclectic cast I can see how this movie ultimately… may not work. But so what, lol?! I’m still pumped and– critics and mixed reviews be damned– I’m seeing this!



  • Grace

    Shannon, thank you for defending Ray Liotta – LOL. He is GOLD! :)

    • Shannon

      Grace, OKAY! Like, what planet are we living on where people are allowed to make fun of him?????!!!!!!! I don’t care about whatever crappy movies he’s been in. I simply do. not. care. Thank you Grace, lol!

  • Kim

    Exactly my kind of movie. I love that you post trailers Shannon! And I have always loved Corrina, Corrina

    • Shannon

      Kim, glad you’re liking the indie trailers, lol! Corrina, Corrina is sort of a guilty pleasure (because it was one of my childhood movies) and then again, it’s totally not. It’s just the best :)