Nicki Minaj Is Coming To ‘E!’


Here’s hoping you’re absolutely not tired of the one they call Nicki Minaj. Her fragrance is out, she’s judging American Idol, and now she’s got her own reality special coming to E! Kind of a big deal, folks. And I kind of can’t believe that the folks over at E! even have, like, available time slots for more reality anything, lmao! Those guys are insane. Deets inside!

Complex has the story, which was later amended:

Nicki Minaj’s brand just continues to grow. In addition to launching her own fragrance and being a judge on American Idol, among many other things, she will star in her reality series on the E! channel. It’s not clear when filming will begin or when we’ll see the show, but it’s been confirmed to Perez Hilton by those close to Minaj. Oh, and that Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded re-release is due out in November.

And here’s the latest update:

If you were excited about Nicki Minaj’s reported upcoming reality series for E! taking after their flagship show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we’ve got bad news: According to the E! network themselves, Minaj won’t be participating in a reality show, but rather, hour-long “specials” to create a sort of miniseries.

The specials will feature “exclusive intimate access to [Minaj’s] personal and professional life…including never-before-seen footage,” and it’s expected to be a trilogy of sorts…

So there you have it. Like it or not, Nicki will lit’rally be everywhere. I, for one, am really glad to hear that she’s not doing an actual reality show. That would be a bit much, I think. And although I’m not a Barb, I’m always interested in Nicki Minaj-ian goings ons so I’ll probably be tuning in to the specials. How many of y’all will be watching with (and how many of y’all will be flicking right past E! and on to an actual scripted, Barb-free show)?

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  • Brent

    Sounds interesting. I like her. I’ll hafta “set” the alarm to watch this. LOL.