‘Batman Live’ . . . And In Person


Last year I caught a news report out of London that focused on the creation of a large stage show based on Batman. At the time, I learned that Batman Live would be performed in huge stadiums in Europe … and that the show would eventually come to the US. I was under the impression that the producers of Batman Live were going for a live theatrical performance (a la Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark) that felt like a concert (a la The Circus starring Britney Spears). When I heard that the show was coming to LA, I bought tickets as soon as they went on sale … many months ago. Last night, Batman Live opened at the Staples Center and I cajoled my friend Josh to go see it with me … and it was truly one of the funnest shows I’ve ever seen.

Batman is the kind of character with the kind of mythos that can be many different things to many different people — all at the same time. Christopher Nolan made Batman serious, tried to make him believable in the real world. Batman Live goes the more comic-booky route. The story is over the top, full of color and spectacle. You’d expect this kind of treatment to resonate with children (and yes, there were children at the show last night) but I was very surprised by how many adults without children where there as well … like, couples who went out to see Batman Live just for their own entertainment. The story starts out with the Batman creation story then makes a predictable trek thru the creation of Robin all while Batman fights crime … and his amazing collection of villainous foes. The Joker, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, The Ridder, The Penguin, Two Face, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy are all in the show. While the story is simple, the production is truly remarkable. They are able to use the massive LCD screen for visuals but also as entirely believable sets. I was really quite shocked at the entertainment value. Kids and adults (grown ass men like me) were cheering at all the right parts of the show. There are acrobatics, things that fly, things that explode, things that catch fire, confetti, magic tricks and a Batmobile that is so incredibly cool-looking that I damn near ran onto the stage in an attempt drive the damn thing home. These photos do not do the show justice … they are zoomed in portions of a much bigger and over the top picture. The show FILLS the entire arena, it’s massive. I guess it sounds like I’m gushing because I was really surprised by how good the show really is. Josh and I really had fun (no matter what he says).

After the show, we went to The Hudson for drinks and late night food and met up with my dear friend Jordan:

Ah, Jordan … I love him so. It had been ages since I’ve seen him so it was nice to catch up. All in all, last night was a really fun night.

Today, tho, David and I are hitting the road to see Tam and Rob get married! We are hoping to be on the road by early afternoon so that we can beat the traffic out of town. We have a LONG drive ahead of us so the sooner we get going the better. Tonight is the pre-wedding celebration and then tomorrow is the big day. I can’t wait! I hope all y’all have a great weekend!! Happy Friday!

  • rOXy

    hahaha…love the mask. You’re such a kid.