Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Show Off Their Baby Bump For ‘XXL’ Magazine


So, one of the highlights (for me, at least) of this year’s MTV VMAs was the official announcement from rapper Wiz Khalifa and his fiancĂ©e Amber Rose, confirming their forthcoming bundle of joy. OMG. Amber Rose prego. Insanity!!! I never thought in a million years that I’d be writing about either of these two (although I did give Amber the PITNB Pinkie Award for Most Likely To Make You Hate Everything You Ever Wore While You Were Pregnant); I’m not a huge Wiz fan and Amber Rose’s body is too much [awesomeness] for me to handle so I have to take her in small doses. However, the XXL photo shoot was kind of a big deal to me and these pictures are helping me come to terms with the fact that these two are gonna be somebody’s Mommy and Daddy… no judgement! If you’ve been in denial about Roselifah then maybe these images will help you too. It’s happening everybody! They are happening. For real. Happening.

Okay. Now that you’ve seen the pics, and it’s real (like, even realer than when we saw them on the red carpet together, baby bump in tow), do you feel any better about this relationship, lol? Honestly, I’m coming at them so hard and it’s totally not fair. I think Amber Rose is like, my Snooki. It’s just reeeealllly hard for me to imagine her um… mothering. Maybe it’s the stripper thing or the Kanye West thing… or even the Wiz Khalifa thing, lmao! It’s just weird right now. But so what? It was weird for a lot of people when I got prego. Hell, I’m still weirded out by that notion!

Sooooo congratulations to the happy couple! You can read all about their road to lurve here. Oh, and Amber says she’s having an all-natural water birth. I didn’t roll my eyes when I read that! I swear. Congratulations on your forthcoming water birth Amber Rose. With your effing amazing body that will probably bounce right back afterwards. Whatever. Congrats.

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  • apriljan

    Hooray for babies, I always say! Honestly, I didn’t really know what to think of their relationship before, but after following their twitter accounts and seeing how much they care about each other, I’m all for them. So, Kanye who? Roselifah indeed!

    • Shannon

      apriljan, I LIKE your attitude! “Kanye who?” indeed! These two are definitely into each other, so I agree. It’s time for everyone (myself included) to get on board, lol :)

  • lori

    shannon…. amber is extremely street smart. stripping has nothing to do with motherhood!! esp if she desnt do it anymore! i like your opinions usually, but cmaaaan…. be a lil more forgiving when it comes to silly traditional ways of thinking about women

    • Shannon

      lori, I hear you! I’ve had my issues with Amber Rose in the past. It’s time for me to move on. And you’re right– she’s not a stripper anymore. She’s a mom-to-be :)