Watch: Parker Posey Is Amazing In The New Trailer For ‘Price Check’

Indie Workplace Comedies Make Life Happy
Posey Saves The Day

If you’ve been watching Emmy Award-winning Louis C.K.‘s comedy Louie on FX, you’ve already met the awesomeness that is Parker Posey. She appeared on a few key episodes this season (she’s also been on Parks And Recreation, New Girl, and The Good Wife)  but the actress is anything but a newbie. She’s been acting professionally since the early 90s and she’s got one of those names you always hear, even if you can’t put a face to it. Trent has professed his lurve for her in various movie reviews and after watching the trailer for Price Check, I’m thinking this actress could easily become one of my faves. The new indie workplace comedy looks so effing good, I’m literally counting down the days ’til the VOD release. Peep the video to find out how awkward things get when you mix business with pleasure…

Price Check opens on VOD October 11, before its theatrical release on November 16.


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  1. Wynter

    As an avid Ugly Betty fan, it is so good to see Daniel Meade!

  2. “Wipe that face off your head, bitch..” One of my all time favorite Parker Posey lines EVER!! Actually, just one of my favorite movie lines ever period! I love this woman so much..But I hate movies about cheaters..Especially when my sweet little Parker is the other woman skank!

  3. Fifi4life


    If you haven’t seen Broken English, you should definitely do so soon. One of my all time fave movies and it stars Parker.

    • Fifi4life I’m on Netflix and it’s there It looks kind of awesome (I see there’s a Frenchman involved, lol). Thanks for the recommendation, I will def check it out!

  4. Kim

    This looks amazing and I wish I had comcast to watch it on-demand

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