Watch: Lifetime TV Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of ‘Liz & Dick’

"[Lindsay] pretty much is Elizabeth Taylor"
"I personally understand Liz"

Last week we got to see the first footage from the forthcoming Lifetime made-for-TV biopic film Liz & Dick which, as you know, stars Lindsay Lohan in the lead role of Elizabeth Taylor. Today we get to check out a new promo video released for the movie that takes us behind the scenes on set and features interviews with Lindsay and her co-star Grant Bowler. Honestly, it’s not a bad promo clip. I think it does much more to positively promote the made-for-TV movie than the trailer does. Check it out, see what you think.

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  1. Jstar

    Elizabeth Taylor struck me as a really classy lady…Lindsay Lohan not so much…

  2. lori

    EEP. those cheeks. those lips. those dark deep circles. girl looks hard and worn down.

  3. Andy

    I will forgo commenting on her appearance (as we all have eyes), but what really bugged me about this clip other than her usual bouts of megalomania is the fact that I really can’t see her as anything else than Lindsay Lohan. It’s so sad that her infamy has eclipsed anything she’s ever done and probably will do. All I can see in her future as an actress is the occasional cameo and playing variations of herself.

  4. What the hell is wrong with her face??? Isn’t she like 26 or something?? For a moment there I thought she was doing a movie about Elizabeth Taylor the old years… Jeez, what a waste!

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