Sofia Vergara Was Spotted Out And About In NYC


Modern Family star Sofia Vergara was spotted leaving her North Houston hotel in New York City and she looked pretty awesome. The actress has been making headlines recently for suffering a wardrobe malfunction of epic proportions at the Emmy Awards. Although, Sofia may not have been suffering so badly, since she was the one who put herself on blast, tweeting a Twit pic like no other, lol. I’ll admit, I’m just now recording the Emmy award-winning Modern Family on my DVR; I’ve never watched before but Sofia had me cracking up so hard over that pic! And I’ve heard so many good things, I just gotta watch. Oh, and photogs also caught Sofia arriving at Kmart in NYC where she’s getting ready to launch her own line, which you can see here. Like I said, Sofia looks amazing (the hair, the gold bangles, etc.) and that smile is sooo infectious… but my fave part of the pics is the little kid in the white shirt tryna holla at Sofia on the sidewalk, lol! Peep the gallery for more!

Photo Credits: Splash News/Insight News and Features

  • Devonte

    Shannon, girl, you will love it! It really is a very good show, the cast and their characters are amazing. In the beginning you will really notice how excellent the kid actors are and appreciate a lot of what they bring to the show. Ed O’Neil is at his finest, after Married With Children and Little Giants of course. But everyone is amazing, that’s why they keep winning. After you catch up on all seasons you should totally blog about it so I can hear what you think.

    • Shannon

      Devonte, I watched the new episode last night and I was pretty smitten. Can’t wait to catch up!

      And I can’t believe you brought up Little Giants!!! Aghhh!!! Where is Devon Sawa??? Lol!

    • Devonte

      OMG Devon Sawa…I was pretty young when Casper came out but I remember then, in those few moments he was in it, that I was SHO’LL NUFF gay and I wanted me a floating, gorgeous boyfriend who wanted to “keep” me. MmmmmHmmmm, yes ma’am

    • Shannon

      Devonte! LOLOLOLOLOLOL OMG! No, but me too. I wanted him.