OMG Yes: ‘Fargo’ The Movie Is Getting A TV Adaptation


Back in 1996 the directorial duo dubbed the Coen Brothers (The Big Lebowski, No Country For Old Men, True Grit) brought us a little movie called Fargo, and the world was never the same. Frances McDormand, Steve Buscemi and William H. Macy starred in the film that was based on an amazing but tragic true story that I’m still trying to make sense of in 2012. I love the movie and am so excited to learn that the Coen Brothers are teaming up with a with one of the writers from Bones to bring a television adaptation of Fargo to FX. That Minnesota accent just won’t quit! Click inside for more!

Deadline Hollywood has the story:

Joel andEthan Coen are bringing one of their signatures movies to television. FX has closed a deal to develop Fargo, an hourlong project loosely based on the Coen brothers’ 1996 comedic crime drama. The Coens will serve as executive producers on the project, which will be written/executive produced by The Unusuals and My Generation creator Noah Hawley…

The Fargo movie starred Frances McDormand as a pregnant Minnesota police chief who follows the trail of two bumbling criminals (Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare) hired by a car salesman (William H. Macy) to kidnap his wife. The indie earned seven Oscar nominations, winning two statuettes — for the Coen brothers’ script and McDormand’s performance. (The Coens won three more Oscars for No Country For Old Men.)…

Hawley was a writer on Fox’s dramedyBones before going on to create two series for ABC,The Unusuals and My Generation…

The Coen brothers’ upcoming movies include caper comedy Gambit, which they wrote, and Inside Llewyn Davis, which they wrote and directed.

Now the fact that the Coen Brothers are going to be involved in the process makes me feel very good about this. I can’t even imagine what a television version of Fargo would look like, but I’m excited! The Coen Brothers, however, are not writing the script for the television adaptation (which some fans may see as a downer), but I don’t necessarily think that’s a negative. And I like those guys writing for the movies, anyway.

Oh, and somebody on Deadline Hollywood was like ‘It’s a perfect project for Sarah Michelle Gellar,’ and I was kind of into that idea. Like, a lot… lol. Anybody else pumped for this adaptation? I know we have at least one Frances McDormand fan on PITNB (shouts-out to kelly!) and although it’ll be strange to see another actor take on her role, I’m def interested.



  • jay

    its a dakota accent not minnesota..hence, the name of the movie, FARGO. haha

    • Shannon

      Thank jay! Fargo’s in Dakota but the Minnesota accent I’m referencing is Frances McDormand’s. She plays the prego cop from Brainerd, MN. Fargo is where the two criminals are from.

    • Kelly

      So Shannon….first off let me start with I’m a huge fan and mean no disrespect, but lets get this straight. :) “Dakota” is not a state, it’s NORTH DAKOTA….also, I must mention I’m born and raised and LOVE my home state like no other. Yes, we have accents that differ from south to east to west and to the north, and like Stephanie mentioned it is stronger the more north we are, which I’ll admit I’m from 100 miles from Canada, hence the stronger accent. I now live in TX and I’m asked daily where I’m from HOWEVER the movie is SO grossly misrepresented that I almost cannot stand it and find it an embarrassent. I hope this show falls through the cracks. Most people and sounds like youself have not visited our amazing state to know the level of misrepresentation. Do I need to remind you Josh Duhmael is from Minot, ND?? Enough said there. :) and Yes, in the small state we all have our connections to him. Also, side note in case you didn’t know this little fun fact but Fargo the movie was filmed in MN.

    • Shannon

      Kelly, thanks. Honestly, I think I wrote ‘Dakota’ in response to Jay– I know my states and I think Jay was just abbreviating, lol!

      I hear where you’re coming from. Like I said to Stephanie, I know these movies over-do it a lot of the time and those of us who don’t know just don’t know! Fargo might not be 100% accurate but it’s still an awesome movie (IMO) and I don’t think the accents have much to do with it. The setting is VERY important (obviously) but the plot and the actors make the movie unforgettable.

      And thanks for the fun fact and for an honest comment :)

    • Stephanie

      As a born and raised Minnesotan I will admit there are people from the northern part of the state who sound a little like Frances McDormand, but most of us just sound normal. I’ve lived in New York for a few years now and no one can tell where I’m from. It used to irritate me that whenever I say I’m from Minnesota, people think of Fargo and the accent. But then again, New Yorkers have worse (and I think more true) stereotypes about their accents (hello Jersey Shore). So I let it go.

    • Shannon

      Stephanie thanks for commenting. I always figured the movie exaggerated things a bit, lol. But all movies do– I’m from Boston originally and my mother would not let me get away with saying ‘cah’ (‘car’) EVER so I never got that accent, lol.