Kerry Washington Dishes On The Upcoming Season Of ‘Scandal,’ Which Starts Tonight!


Okay y’all. We’ve watched the first promo clip. We’ve gone behind the scenes. And I’ve already made it clear that no one should expect to hear from me between the hours of 10-11 pm EST tonight, seeing as how it’s the season premiere of my new fave show, Scandal. In fact, throw in an extra hour for re-capping/recovering with the love of my life and my bff Michelle. So yeah, nobody call me between 10 pm and 12 am EST because tonight we are finding out who the eff Quinn is!!! At least, we kind of find out. Kerry Washington recently spilled a few beans in an interview with TVLine and we’ve got excerpts inside!
Kerry Washington talks Scandal with TVLine:

TVLINE | Let’s start off easy. How much time has passed between seasons when we pick back up?

KERRY WASHINGTON | I don’t know how specific I’m allowed to be. I’ll say more than a month, less than a year.

TVLINE | And the “Who is Quinn?” mystery is top of mind for everybody still?

We get to it right away. All summer long, strangers have been walking up to me and asking, “Who is Quinn,” which is hilarious. It had been really easy because I was able to say, “I don’t know,” but now it’s harder because we do know. We find out who she is but we still are like why, and how, and when… all of that.

TVLINE | Quinn is in fact a client as the season opens. Is Olivia as protective of her as a typical client, or even more so?

One of the things that’s really cool about the character of Olivia Pope is once you’re in, you’re in. I mean, she may be resistant to taking somebody on, but once she takes you on, that’s it. Fixing your situation becomes the priority above all else. She’s no less committed to Quinn than anybody else, that’s for sure…

TVLINE | Quinn’s secret must be something pretty incendiary…. I was coming home from vacation when the first script of the second season came out, so I was honestly standing at baggage claim trying to plug in my phone to read it. Then once I got home, I threw the bags down and immediately opened my laptop. We were all so hungry, and it’s like that way every week. We just barely started shooting [Episode] 3 and we’re already hypothesizing about what can be going on in 4.

TVLINE | So, the big question: Has Olivia been behaving?

What does that mean in Olivia’s world? She sets her own rules.

TVLINE | Well, there’s the handshake agreement she made with Mellie in the finale. So, I ask: Has Olivia been behaving?

When we meet Olivia in the beginning of the second season she is not at the White House, and she has not been going to the White House. She’s a woman of her word. She handed in her badge.

TVLINE | How soon will circumstances necessitate some sort of an encounter between her and Fitz?

I cannot say.

TVLINE | Is it a script you’ve seen yet? I cannot say.

TVLINE | You’re good. When that moment comes, have you and Tony Goldwyn talked about how you’re going to play it? There’s got to be a bit of a different dynamic — yet still probably 75 percent of the old dynamic.

This is a tricky one…. I’m going to answer it in a general way first, which is that all of us are always constantly talking about how our dynamics with each other get more and more complicated. What is the impact of Stephen (played by Henry Ian Cusick) leaving the office? How does that impact my relationship with the other associates? What is the impact of the Quinn question being answered? We’re all always talking about how these things play out, and Tony and I are included in that. But often, we make a decision and then we get the next script and we’re like, “…or maybe not.”      A great example is how Jeff Perry and I made all these decisions about what [Olivia and Cyrus] meant to each other and how much they loved each other. Then we got the episode where he suddenly turns into Iago and is playing Fitz and Olivia against each other in the middle of a state dinner. We were like, “Wow, OK. Here’s another layer.” Or, I remember when a new script came out and Jeff really didn’t want to read it yet because we were doing a pretty complicated scene. But I couldn’t help myself — I’m like a drug addict with these scripts — and when I came back to set after lunch, I just kept thinking, “I know [Cyrus is] gay and Jeff has no idea!” Stuff like that keeps you on your toes in the most exciting way.

Read the rest of the interview here. Kerry goes on to talk about other happenings on Season 2 and her upcoming role in Django Unchained. How fun was this interview? I love hearing how excited she was about the season; she’s such a superfan, lol! And I loooove knowing that we will find out about Quinn immediately. Waiting any longer is not really an option for me. Must. Know. Now.

You can also read another interview with the entire Scandal cast on here on the HuffPost. Now y’all know I luuuuuurve my job… however….I cannot wait to give you guys the last post of the night so I can sit down and unnecessarily re-watch the entire first season (for the third time… thank you Hulu Plus) again in preparation for tonight. It’s going down!

I know this show isn’t for everybody, but Scandal has built up quite a following (myself included… obviously), so who’s watching tonight?

Scandal’s second season premieres at 10 pm EST tonight, September 27 on ABC.

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  • nicole

    im totally ready for this show…im trying to find a way to waste the next 40 minutes lol

  • Adriana

    I had to watch the first episode twice to catch everything. WOW. “You are ornamental not functional” may have been my favorite line and UGH did my heart wrench during that conversation with Olivia and Fitz … Holy smokes … I’m so glad you are into this show too!

    • Shannon

      Adriana, so many Facebook statuses had that quote, lmao! It was insane!!! I watched it twice too. Immediately after watching it the first time, I went back and watched it again. It’s just the best.

    • Dezden

      I’m glad you said you watched twice, because I’ve been trying to watch but I feel like I can’t keep up with everything. I didn’t watch all of the first season, so I struggled then and was definitely struggling this week… and I was exhausted so I missed the second half. Gah. I need to watch all of the episodes at some point, I guess. It is very good though.