Amanda Bynes Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ To Her Hit-And-Run Charges


Last week we learned that Amanda Bynes made her first court appearance in a preliminary hearing dealing with the various crimes she has been charged with recently and today we learn that she (by way of her attorney) was back in court today to formally enter a plea in the two hit-and-run charges leveled against her. Unsurprisingly, Bynes plead not guilty to the charges. Click below for a quick rundown of Amanda’s day in court today.

Amanda Bynes just pled not guilty to two counts of hit-and-run, TMZ has learned. TMZ broke the story … Amanda was charged with both counts of hit-and-run earlier this month after two separate incidents — one in April, another in August — when she allegedly smashed into other cars and fled the scene. Prosecutors initially declined to charge Bynes for the first hit-and-run incident — but after the actress was accused of the second hit-and-run, they reopened case #1. The L.A. City Attorney subsequently filed charges against Bynes stemming from BOTH incidents. If convicted on both counts, she faces up to a year in jail. She’s due back in court October 19th. FYI — Bynes is also still facing one DUI charge and TWO charges of driving on a suspended license.

While Amanda made her first in-court appearance last week, this time around is where things officially get started. With her plea of not guilty, the prosecutor can now move forward with the cast against her. The hit-and-run case(s) will move forward on October 19 … and, as the quoted article above states, Bynes still has her other charges to contend with. I suspect she’ll be pleading not guilty to those charges as well … but one case at a time. Thus far, Amanda has been able to slip in and out of court without really garnering any attention. My guess is that very soon, she will be met at the courthouse by photographers in same way that Lindsay Lohan is greeted every time she goes court … and my gut tells me, that is exactly what Amanda is hoping for.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin; Source]