J.K. Rowling Says She May Return To The World Of ‘Harry Potter’


J.K. Rowling will release her first post-Harry Potter novel The Casual Vacancy tomorrow and, as you may know, the book is her first intended for an adult audience. In the past week, Rowling has sat down for interviews with various publications in order to promote the book’s release and, invariably, the conversation turns to her insanely popular series of children’s books based on the Harry Potter character. In comments made to the BBC, Rowling hints that she may eventually release “director’s cuts” versions of some of her Harry Potter novels (!!!) and is kicking around the notion of releasing “sidestep” stories from the world of Harry Potter (!!!!!!!!!!). Click below to read exactly what Rowling said and … freak out as you see fit.

In an interview with the BBC, Rowling confessed that she wishes she’d had more time with some of the Potter books. “I read them, and I think ‘Oh God, maybe I’ll go back and do a director’s cut,’” Rowling said. “I don’t know.” The 47-year-old scribe went on to say that she won’t rule out another new Harry Potter book either. “[I]f I did have a great idea for something else, I probably would do it,” she admitted. “I am very averse to the prequel-sequel idea. A sidestep could maybe … well, we’ll see.” While we would be interested to see another book set in the Harry Potter universe, what we’re most excited about is the idea of a director’s cut. The earlier Potter books are much shorter — which is likely because they were more heavily edited in the years before Rowling’s fandom reached epic proportions — so it would be fun to see more of what’s going on in those first few novels … Rowling is currently at work on a new book “for slightly younger children than the Potter books.” Her first novel for adults, The Casual Vacancy, will be released tomorrow.

WHAT??? OK, yes … I am SO on board with “director’s cuts” of her first 3 Harry Potter novels because wouldn’t it be amazing to reread those books with a bunch of added information that was, presumably, left out due to early editing decisions. The last 4 HP books are so long, they contain so much information that I have to believe that Rowling would’ve beefed up her earlier books had she known they’d be so popular. As for the “sidestep” stories, yes, I’m on board for that, too. I know Rowling isn’t interested (yet) in doing sequels or prequels but I know in my soul that she is going to release new books from the world of Harry Potter … in some incarnation. No matter how much she tries to distance herself or do other things, you just know that the Harry Potter world is far too important to her as a writer. Ahhh! Altho this all sounds very hopeful and exciting, I think we have a long time to wait before we even hear of any new Harry Potter stuff, let alone get to read any of it. Still, it’s nice to know that JK is already hinting at what’s to come. So, are you freaking out yet?


  • Syslak

    Oh my goodness. This is too excited. I almost read a fan fiction story about Harry’s son, James, but I’m so glad I didn’t give in. I’ll wait for the real stuff!!!

  • Kayla

    While I would love to read another Harry Potter book I’m not sure I would like a sequel focusing on Harry as an adult (wouldn’t stop me from reading it though) but there is so much to explore in the her magic world and Hogwarts I would definitely read a prequel or a sequel focusing on maybe a new bunch of Hogwarts students.

    • Kayla

      Forgot to say I would read the director’s cut version too :)

    • Joan

      Yeah, I don’t think she would do a sequel on Harry’s life (she has said as much before), but maybe based on Harry’s son, Albus. She has said before that that’s the one she most interested in. I would definitely be on board for any kind of prequel (based on the Marauders or even the Hogwarts’ Founders) and the Encyclopedia.

      Ah, the thing is this universe is so vast, there’s plenty she could with it if she really wanted to. Like many Potter fans say, I would read her grocery list if she published it.

  • Joan

    What Jo needs to do is to let this urges take over before the fizzle out again. She often makes comments like these and then changes her mind, leaving millions of hearts broken. lol She has already backed out of the written encyclopedia a few times. My heart cannot take this anymore! lol Quit playing games with my heart, jo! Excited for The Casual Vacancy tomorrow, though!

  • TheFabFour

    A series about the Marauders-era!!! That would be such a dream come true.

  • TheFabFour

    And Trent, while I’m here – I noticed that the new PitNB site is now much more mobile-friendly. Just wanted to say thanks :) (and that now I am just waiting on a PitNB app!)

  • ClaireMichelle

    I never knew I could want something so much! PLEASE let this happen.

  • somuchcloser

    Okay, I am excited about this, because I’m a huge Potter-fiend. But I admit to getting my Potter-fill from fanfic, which is both nerdy and AWESOME. There’s some good fanfic out there, folks…. you don’t have to be embarrassed. :-)